Friday 29 August 2014


Ever since I first saw Grease I've always been envious of Sandy's outfit that she wore for surprising Danny at the fun fair - link here - although I haven't mustered the courage to go full on  high waisted leather trousers I thought I would head in that direction and introduce bardot tops into my wardrobe. Although I feel I look too bare on their own, when paired with a statement necklace I think they look brilliant!! 

Statement Necklace - Zara
Lace Skater Skirt - H&M
Black Suede Pumps - Ebay


Saturday 23 August 2014


About 90% of the tops in my wardrobe happen to be cropped and with winter coming I thought it was time to find some items that cover a bit more skin but instead of buying longer tops I thought it was a much better idea to just get longer sleeves instead.. 

Leather Look Skater Skirt - River Island


Friday 22 August 2014

Midi Madness

I was never sure how I felt about midi skirts as they never seemed to fit me quite right as they always seemed too baggy around the waist and around the hem but I thought I would give it a go and see whether I liked it.

I've decided that I do enjoy wearing a midi skirt, although I do struggle to walk as quickly when I'm wearing it with heels - only me?!
I love this look although I would find it difficult to wear it for more casual occasions as I feel midi skirts make me look short due to the cut and with flats the effect is doubled, so I think I will be keeping this outfit as a dinner or party outfit!!
I have finally got myself a photographer!!
One of my best friends Sophie Ruffolo agreed to help me and I am pretty excited about the outcome!!
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Saturday 16 August 2014


TK Maxx has always been a myth to me.
Often I have heard of people discovering fashion gems within its many rails, but every trip I took myself, I left empty handed and disheartened, positive that everyone else must have insider knowledge that I wasn't let in on, but now that's changed!!

With so many shops already stocked full of A/W I'm looking for winter wardrobe inspiration to get ahead of the fashion pack and with tartan being top of my list this boxy crop stood out and my segregation from the TK Maxx know how was lifted!!

I only discovered the wonderful little company My First Wish a few weeks ago but with the quality and prices it didn't take me long to buy these.

Woo, excited over my shoes..

Having a mild love for burgundy clothes I was delighted when I realised I was lacking knitwear this colour from my wardrobe which means this fitted in seamlessly and has quickly become one of my go to pieces!!

Please ignore my chubbs foot, we have problems..

White Crystal Necklace - Zara
Tartan Box Crop - TK Maxx
Leigh Skinny Jeans - Topshop

Thank you to my boyfriend for being my photographer, I'm very impressed, I definitely think he's in the wrong career..


Friday 1 August 2014


Often a key item in many of my posts I thought it was about time I showed off my new pair of printed trousers.

I've seen clashing prints throughout magazines, runways and the high street recently, but the majority have been the uniting of two separate pieces, and although I love the concept, I was undecided when it came to two clashing prints on one garment. It took some convincing but I am now sold on the idea and these trousers are my new go to when I get bored of my jeans but still want the comfort!

 Kora Inverted Cross Necklace - Rock N' Rose
Cropped Camisole - Topshop
Turquoise Sterling Silver Ring - Accessorize
Printed Joggers - Topshop
Clear Glitter Jelly Sandals - JuJu Jellies

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