Thursday 30 April 2015


These are the most loved pair of trousers living in my wardrobe, but ever since the day of their purchase I've had a problem..

What shoes do I wear with them?!

Heels I had covered, white and silver pairs worked amazingly for going out but when it came to flats, I was lost.

 What colour do I go for? Navy? Pink? White? Silver?
Even narrowed down to four colours it was a mine field of its own.

There are so many different shades of navy and sitting so close to the trousers the difference was obvious.
The silver's were far too shiny for my liking. Where can you find a matte silver shoe these days?!
White and pink, I was at a dead end with, I couldn't find a style I liked. 

I had all but given up until I was part way through making my sixth Asos order that month.. (I kept finding things after I had paid) and I stumbled across the beauties below, they might not work in winter as they're half sandal, half shoe but I'll worry about that in another seven months!! 


Sunday 26 April 2015

End Credits

Me and high necks have always stayed at arms length from each other. 
This isn't through a fashion concious choice, quite the opposite, I've always loved the style but the style, until now, hasn't loved me!

It may sound irrational but for me high necks have always reminded me of a collar (and not the fashionable kind).
Tight, restrictive, scratchy. I'm unable to relax as the motion of swallowing or talking is restrained and amplified and its presence is unbearable.

My breakthrough?
The material.

This top is definitely there on my neck, I can feel it but its so soft and giving that instead of raising discomfort I am confident in the fact, I can finally achieve a look that I've loved from a far for many years!

If like me, your wary of these volatile creatures, then I plead with you to go and have a hunt for a new type of fabric and give them a go!!

High Neck Split Back Jumper - Mango
Gold Bar Necklace - Asos Marketplace
Slip Dress - Asos
Orange Belt - Vintage


Wednesday 22 April 2015


Yes I know, more monochrome trousers.

In my defence the print and the top of the trousers is completely different..


Long Sleeved Crop Top - Topshop
Black Loafers - Topshop


Thursday 16 April 2015


When on holiday its always a must to have a wander around and see what exciting shopping gems that country has to offer. 

I'm a massive fan of  Zara which has probably become apparent through previous posts, and knowing the company is Spanish gave me a good chance of stumbling across a store or two, of course I tracked these down and left with a style of top I have never tried before, although it would leave you with questionable tan lines, the halter reminds me of the 90's and feels so summery having your shoulders out for the world to see!

As a girl who believes that one can never have too many shoes I found myself leaving a tiny shop with a pair of majorcan sandals in hand, real leather and navy they fall easily into my summer wardrobe.

Belt - Vintage
Leigh Skinny Jeans - Topshop

Monday 13 April 2015


Well its safe to say I've been a bit busy recently.
I had a minor operation on my hand which bandaged beyond recognition, left me trapped inside only two items of clothing. And then I ran away to the glorious sunshine of Majorca for just over a week, I attempted to cram in some blog photos but they were either photo bombed by a dalmatian or the lighting didn't know whether it was coming or going so this post and the next will be a bit sparse!!

Don't mind me Hector..

White Crystal Necklace - Zara
Long Sleeved Crop - New Look
Geometric A-line Skirt - Motel
Strappy Sandals - Matalan

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