Wednesday 12 July 2017

Slaughter House Customs - The Malle Mile

Slaughter House Customs have been on the road again and this time The Malle Mile was the destination.
A three day exhibition of all things motor bike, music and the great British summertime, set in the grounds of Kefington Hall. Romantically beautiful, it could be seen as an odd setting for such an event, but this wasn't just any old biker meet. Dispel the images of older men in full on leathers, aloft their bikes meeting in a field, a bit intimidating and scary. There may have been fields, but they're full of tents, families and people having a good time.

The Malle Mile is about showing the lighter side of motor biking with like minded people after a good time. The weekend kicked off with a moto movie night, classic short films and a custom built bar, perfect to get you in the mood for the rest of the weekend. The full event opened in full swing to the public the following morning.
Saturday morning the bikes descended into the paddock, the exhibition began and even if you're not part of the ride or die club, anyone with an Instagram account can appreciate a beautiful motor. The events were preceded by safety tests as this wasn't just a bunch of brutes on bikes. Throughout the day there were hill climbs and the main Mile race, gentlemanly (and gentlewomanly) competitions, leading up to the awards the following day. The festivities of the first day was finished off with an after party in 'the enchanted forest', the lower floor of the grand house had been turned into an incredible forest-scape.
Sunday was a sophisticated affair as moto polo was the main event on the agenda, a high speed game full of wheelies, spins and high kicks. To round off the weekend, was the garden party, set on the great main lawn by the magnificent house. With its very own auction and podium awards, the winner of the Mile race was crowned the much sort after title of 'Man of the Mile'.


The motorbiking world is no longer male dominated, with women coming through, with bucket loads of speed, style and sass. They all had the confidently cool vibe nailed. They weren't trying hard with their own style or to fit in with the men, and with that mentality there was no question that they belonged there.

Lots of leather and denim are probably common place when you think of a biker but they are also the solid fundamentals of a timeless classic wardrobe. Key pieces that pull everything together and that can give your outfit the edge. Bikers were on to something long before the rest of the world jumped on the band wagon.

 Photography and editing courtesy of the brilliant Marcus Ward!


Saturday 8 July 2017

Festival Season Styling

It's that time of year again and festival season has well and truly begun. Although I haven't been lucky enough to nab myself some tickets just yet, there are plans in the works and a day festival is calling my name! As much as festivals are about the music, the partying and having a good time, for me, and I know many girls, the right outfit is a key factor for the day and night. So I need an outfit that's going to work hard, be practical and ultimately look amazing!

I've gone for a military feel with a girly edge focused around this camouflage jacket, focusing on one key piece and building around it creates an outfit that stands out for all the right reasons, which doesn't look over done for a day of partying in a field!

Khaki is a key summer trend, the colour is so versatile and the military styling of this jacket gives it a slight oversized fit, which is a cut I'm loving at the moment! The embroidered patches give the jacket a more luxurious feel with details like these giving a nod to higher end styles. The oversized utility pockets are the perfect alternative, if taking a bag to a festival is not your thing!

I'll be throwing this over a cute summer tea dress, light and floaty, giving me the freedom to make my moves and stay cool if the sun is shining!
My shoe must-haves are a classic pair of Converse. A staple in most people's wardrobes and they're a sure fire way to ensure my feet will stay comfy even with all the dancing I plan on doing!
No summer day is complete without a gorgeous pair of sunnies and this pair of contrast cat eyes are going to up my festival game!
I'm finishing off my look with a simple leather look backpack. The leather adds another layer to the military vibes from my camouflage jacket and making it super easy to store all my bits and pieces without constantly holding onto my bag!!

 Although the camouflage jacket is currently a bargain in the sale, everyone will think you've paid the price for quality!

Camouflage Utility Jacket - Maniere De Voir
Lace Up Back Tea Dress - Asos
All Star Oxford Trainers - Converse (Schuh)
St Tropez Sunglasses - Maniere De Voir
Mini Ring Backpack - Topshop

This post is in collaboration with Maniere De Voir!


Saturday 1 July 2017

Happy Birthday To Meeee!

Happy birthday to me!!

I've just turned 23, and although in the grand scheme of things that is still very young, it feels that in the blink of an eye I'll be in my 80's sitting in my garden, reminiscing about these days, so they need to be memorable.
Time is flying past so fast that I've decided to start a new yearly birthday tradition.

I don't like the usual 'new year, new me' thing when January comes around, as although the year we're in changes, a birthday marks a personal fresh start, the changing of age and the scary prospect of growing up.

I have a whole 365 days until I turn 24 and although in theory this means plenty of time to 'get shit done', we all know that New Years felt like yesterday and the end of summer feels like tomorrow and the year will be gone without me even realising..
To try and stop the panic of ageing (and the end of summer) from setting in, I've decided to set myself four goals each year that I want to achieve from one birthday to the next.

Move out of my family home:

This is the biggest and scariest of my four goals but the time has definitely come for me to spread my wings (and my stuff) and move out. There are certainly no solid plans in place just yet but Alex and I have been talking about buying somewhere together for a while now and I want this next year to be the year we take the leap. It's such a scary prospect but I finally feel 'adult' enough to do it and I'm so excited for all the home wear hauls to come!

Find a permanent job I love:
I'm really enjoying the current job I'm in but its only maternity cover and the uncertainty that comes with my contract finishing in December terrifies me. Not only is it an awful time of year to be finishing and beginning a new job but I'm scared of what will happen if I don't secure a new job to go straight into so my next job being a permanent one is a must for my peace of mind!

Make some more time for me:
Recently it's felt like I've been doing nothing but working, revising, trying desperately to fit seeing all my friends in, spending quality time with my boyfriend and somewhere amongst all that attempting to get some sleep. I want more time to do the things I enjoy at my own pace, without having to rush or tick it off a list. I want to blog and sew and get crafty, I want to see my friends or have a date night without the fear of a deadline sitting on my shoulder! So I'm learning to prioritise better and to find that middle ground where I can throw my revision book on the floor and leave it till tomorrow.

Make some new friends:
Now I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea, I'm not talking about every year find a new group of friends. I certainly don't have plans to get rid of or replace my current bunch of pals. But it feels that as we get older it seems harder and harder to meet new people and to find genuine friendships that last, so this year I'm hoping to recruit some new besties to add to the team because you can never have too many gals (or guys) who have your back.

Initial and Stone Necklace - Accessorize
Lattice Sandals - Matalan

Having solid goals in place makes me so much more excited for the next year. It's made me reevaluate my prioritises and I feel so much more focused now I have a main goal that I'm working towards rather than just endless lists!

Do you make resolutions on your birthday or are you more of a traditionalist and stick with New Years? Either way let me know what your goals are for this year!


Wednesday 28 June 2017

Party In The Front, Business In The Back

It wasn't until this top fell onto my doorstep that I realised, all of my clothes are beautiful in the front but pretty darn plain from the back. Whenever I'm shopping, unless the site has made a feature of the back of an item and made it a main image, I honestly don't go further than what the front looks like and whether it works for me.. Yet whenever I put on an outfit, I do a little twirl, I do a little pose, and I check it out from every angle. The fact my back has been lacking in a bit of summin' summin', I've never noticed before.

I choose the clothes I buy and the outfits I put together for me, but I also want other people to enjoy what I'm wearing. That's one of the great things about fashion, but when you think about the amount of people that see my outfit from behind everyday, they're missing out on the best half of my outfit.

Now I've opened up my own eyes and realised firstly, what an awful shopper I've been - who doesn't look at the back of items before they buy them?? - And secondly, that I want more pieces like this top in my wardrobe, that really do look fab from every angle, as items like these do half the work for you.

Khaki Suedette Cork Block Heeled Sandals - New Look

Have you been making any shopping 'mistakes'?


Saturday 24 June 2017

What's In My Makeup Bag

My makeup bag is a slow developer. I love a new product and all that comes with them, the excitement, the possibilities, but it takes a very long time before a product wins my trust and gets it's very own space in my day to day makeup bag.

Foundation is the bane of my makeup filled life. Trying to get the perfect coverage and the perfect application is something that I constantly struggle with. Whether it's product or application (possibly both) I'm beginning to get impatient, so for now I have returned back to my good old faithful L'Oreal True Match Foundation until my patience and will returns. It's fairly full coverage without feeling heavy or cakey and with so many shade options - although a struggle to choose in the first place - you know you'll find the perfect match!
I've switched up my concealer for those days when I don't need my colour correcting. This one is full coverage and brightens the area dramatically. Although slightly yellower than my foundation, I've found that when applied underneath my base, it blends a lot easier with a smoother finish without compromising coverage - I usually blend a tiny bit more on top of my foundation to the darkest areas of my under eyes just to top it up.
Where has Laura Mercier been all my life? I arrived late to the translucent powder party but I'm so glad I've finally arrived! Super light and fine, this powder gets rid of grease and shine without taking away the suppleness of the makeup underneath, allowing you to look fresh not cakey!
This highlighter is another new edition to the bag. I never used to bother with this but addiction to the glow is very much real and I can no longer leave the house without adding accents of light to my face. It lights up your whole complexion, and this one is a warm gold hued fine powder, super blendable and buildable, depending on how blinding you want to go!
I know I've mentioned this product so many times before but this MAC mini eye shadow palette would be my desert island makeup item! I use the lighter shade as a crease colour and contour and the darker shade for my eyebrows and my go-to eyeliner look.  It's pigmented, it's smooth and MAC I bow down to you. You can find my full post on this product here..
Who doesn't love benefit hoola, I think I'm safe to say nearly everyone has owned it at some point in their life and although I've never thought of it as a dark bronzer they have even released a lighter version for the paler skinned ladies out there. Its super blendable and gives a natural healthy looking bronze which is perfect for when our British summers are pretty lacklustre.
Morphe Brushes - The Blushed Blush Palette '9B'
Blush is another fairly new addition to my makeup bag but after coming to the realisation that with my shadow, eyeliner and bronzer choices all being on the brown spectrum, I was starting to look a bit 'beige'. A pop of colour on my cheeks was needed! This palette by Morphe has so many different shades that are all super pigmented but blend brilliantly so you'll never end up with that doll look!

Rimmel London - Supercurler Mascara 'Extreme Black'
This Rimmel mascara is an old friend, its reliable, dramatic and long lasting. Extreme black finish with my favourite style of wand, it makes my lashes thick and voluminous.
Kiko - Smart Fusion Lip Pencil
Lip tints are my favourite look and although this Kiko lip liner isn't exactly that, it's such a creamy product that I can apply a little to my lips and create a sheer colour hit. Giving me a hint of a red lip whilst keeping the natural makeup vibe I'm after.
L'Oreal Paris - Brow Artist Plumper - Dark Brunette
You might have seen before that my brows are very sparse and unless they're tinted within an inch of their life they're so blonde, drawing them on can even become a struggle! Brow mascara has been my saviour, making them look fuller, darker and overall more groomed, I don't want to remember life without this product.

What are your favourite products in your makeup bag?


Wednesday 14 June 2017

Slaughter House Customs - Brighton and Hove Motor Show

Slaughter House Customs are on the road!

Last weekend we made our way down to Brighton, trailers full of motors, a van full of clothing and cars full of crew members. We set up the show as the Slaughter House Customs Team at the AMEX stadium for the Brighton and Hove Motor Show.

The Slaughter House Customs stand was as unique as the brand, and we stood out from the average Joe with more than just some pretty cars to look at. We had clothing, motorbikes, cars, music and even a bit of (questionable) dancing from the crew. We were the noisy ones in the corner, blasting retro tunes and revving engines, we had crowds flocking and we were getting noticed.

It's safe to say you don't have to be a petrol head to appreciate the beauty of a fine motor and by exhibiting auto-motives through the decades we had everyone from young mums, leather clad bikers and well dressed city chics buzzing around our stand.

The show was the SHC launch of the 2017 t-shirt, a classic biker tee which went down a storm with people trying, buying and walking away with them on. Rock one with some jeans and converse or leather boots and you'll look like you've just stepped off a bike. Or if you prefer a more delicate twist, knot it at the front and wear with a floaty skirt and sandals.
If you fancy giving your wardrobe an edge, these tees and other SHC apparel will be available to order over the coming weeks from the website.

The motor show was a roaring success and if you missed us at this one we hope to see you at the next! Keep up to date with the SHC where-abouts through social media..

Photography and editing done by the brilliant Natasha and Marcus Ward!


Wednesday 7 June 2017

Slaughter House Customs - 2017 Shoot

Over the next few weeks you'll find a couple of posts, including this one, which are a little out of the ordinary, but I'm hoping you will find them just as interesting..

This post is about a project that I've been helping with and might not fit with the theme of my blog in the conventional sense. The passion and enthusiasm built into this company and the sense of pride I have for the team working on Slaughter House Customs, means it deserves its very own category.

Slaughter House Customs is a motorbike and apparel company set up by my friend Ben and his dad Kevin.  Together they custom build motorbikes, restoring them to their former beauty. They also design and source clothing that works just as hard as the bikes. Their clothing and accessories give the style factor that was missing from biker wear a few years ago. Biker jackets in leather and suede and silk scarfs work whether you're part of the biking lifestyle or you're just after giving your look the edge, and that's where I come in..

Queue the first photo shoot of 2017, and I find myself turned into a full on wannabe biker chic.
I might already have some biker chic boots and a leather jacket but throw on a SHC tshirt, a bit of sass and I'm sat astride a motorbike, looking down a lens, trying to get an idea for what riding a motorbike really feels like.

Gone are the images of scary biker gangs and instead in its place is a sense of freedom and unity. Although it will be a long time before I ever have the nerve to venture on a bike, the possibilities of where the bike can take you is an exciting thrill that could just tempt me. Biker gatherings are no longer just for the guys either, with females groups growing in numbers and getting their wheels on the map!

Motorbiking might not be my usual cup of tea but its something I will definitely be a part of when those same feelings are so regularly duplicated through the fashion and blogging world. Being able to help out with the clothing side where I can, I'm willing to throw myself wholeheartedly into the biker lifestyle!

Coming up on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of June is the Brighton and Hove Motor Show at the AMEX Stadium. You'll find the Slaughter House Customs team, including myself, displaying some stunning bikes and cars. Some friends and I will also be sporting some of the SHC clothing including a sneak peak of the possible female range in the pipeline.

We hope to see you there..

Photography and editing done by the brilliant Natasha and Marcus Ward!

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