Wednesday 23 September 2015

Croatia - Part One

Have you been to Croatia?

If you haven't, then it's definitely worth a Google, it's a beautiful country!
This holiday was a bit of a mix, either sunbathing and lazing around or exploring the city and hiking. 

I didn't take as many photos as I had hoped as I simply got taken in by the surroundings, but over the next three posts I'll give you a glimpse into their charming cities, stunning beaches and sunsets, and their breathtaking national parks..



More of a town but still full of charm, cobbled streets, traditional markets and ice cream shops to make you drool, we couldn't have chosen a nicer spot to have lunch over looking the harbour.



Towering buildings and endless passages, around every corner you'll find yourself a hidden away bar or a square lined with restaurants and shops.

Hmm, got photo bombed by a certain someone..

Tie Back Floral Crop - Topshop
Lace Trim White Shorts - Mango
Tan Lattice Sandals - Matalan


Friday 11 September 2015

Dressing Up Jeans

Bar and Chain Choker - Asos
Waterfall Waistcoat - Zara
Leigh Skinny Jeans - Topshop


Wednesday 9 September 2015

Upstyling Running Shorts

Crystal necklace - Zara
Cropped long sleeve jumper - Topshop
Pom pom runner shorts - Missguided
Heeled sandals - Clarks


Sunday 6 September 2015

Leather Accents

It's not very often I include handbags in my posts, (I just don't have enough, sob.) but this is a firm favourite of mine and will continue to be so until I wear it out.
Its such a soft material, and the smooth leather/croc affect mixed with the slouchy style, makes it the perfect go between bag, whether you're wanting something more casual or with a smarter edge!

Envelope Croc/Smooth Bag - Mango
Leather Jacket - Zara
Floral Embroidered Blouse - Topshop
Button Up Suede Skirt - Stradivarius
Ankle Strap Pumps - New Look on Asos


Thursday 3 September 2015

Beauty Review: Loreal Brow Artist Plumper

I haven't done a beauty review for a super long time and to get back into the swing of things, I couldn't have chosen a better product!

As you may or may not know, I have eyebrow issues.
They're blonde and they're sparse and if you scroll just a little, you will see they're nearly invisible..

Now I love a good tinting but to add insult to injury the dye only lasts for about two weeks max on me, so until I sign up to a course to learn myself, I sadly can't afford to go every fortnight!

So I turn to make up to work its magic.. Majority of the pencils I have found are really orangey (if you have one that isn't pleaseee let me know). So I headed into the realm of shadows and gel. The colour improved ten fold but I'm left with brows that have no resemblance to hair, until now.

I thought I would start with applying the eye shadow base I usually go for.
Then the magic happens..

It's a tinted gel formula, which comes in three colours: Blonde, Dark (this one) and Transparent (for the people with full brows whom I hate..). Not only is it loaded with just the right amount of colour but it is also packed with tiny fibres which help plump up and fill your brows, something which I'm in desperate need of! Thankfully the wand isn't mascara size and is perfectly shaped to get right to the thin tail of the brow!

Can you see the difference?!

There are hairs, actual hairs in my eyebrow and with this product nobody can say otherwise!

If you're struggling, here's a side by side comparison!
This is with only one coating but because of the texture, it could be really buildable, so if you're looking for some really strong brows then layer it up!

I picked mine up in Superdrug but its appears to be a pretty solid Loreal staple so you should be able to find it in most high street cosmetic selling shops!

Until I can save up the money to get my eyebrows tattoo'd on, this little beauty will be coming with me everywhere!!

Have you tried this product, or are you know going to? Let me know!

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