Wednesday 25 November 2015

Modern 60's

I saw a post on Facebook the other day that said in five years time (nearly four, yelp) it will in fact, be the twenties again! Not sure whether it will be quite so roaring this time around but a girl can hope.

It made me realise just how many eras there are, with such distinct fashion and trends - not all of which are horrendous - that we overlook. It could be a case of  'the grass is always greener on the other side' but I feel like I grew up in the wrong time!

This outfit made me feel that all I was missing were a pair of knee high platforms and I could have been in the 60's wiggling into my mini skirt alongside Twiggy.

Patent Loafers - Topshop


Friday 20 November 2015

Skirts With Ankle Boots

I'm not a big fan of boots, although you wouldn't believe me if you saw my collection.
Getting them on and off takes extra time and I hate having hot feet but they work with some many different styles that this winter I'm determined to incorporate them into my outfits!

I've never been sure about ankle boots with skirts, although I'm quite fortunate by having longer legs I've always felt ankle boots chop them off, but I am a fan of a short skirt and as they make my legs look longer, they counteract the ankle cut, perfect!

Gold bar choker - Asos
Khaki split front jumper - Missguided
Houndstooth pelmet skirt - Topshop
Chelsea boots - Asos


Saturday 14 November 2015

Dressing Down With Knitwear

My wardrobe is based around versatility. It's rare when I by an item of clothing with just one outfit or occasion in mind. I want to stretch my wardrobe (and money) as far as I can.
I think its possible to dress up or down nearly anything.

This faux suede skirt I like to think is one of my dressier pieces but with most evenings and weekends spent in a casual setting I didn't want to reserve it for my more upmarket evenings.

Knitwear is a brilliant way to dress down pieces. I'm not sure if it's the texture, material or style but for me it always works!


I'm disappointed with this post purely because of my computer. My lovely friend Jack was editing my photographs for me but I seem to be in an upward struggle with technology and with virus' springing up on my laptop I was unable to download his images or plug in my phone so I had to makeshift the edits myself.
But thank you Jack for your hard work and I hope you guys will being seeing pictures done by him very soon!!

High Neck Jumper - Mango
Platform Heels - Clarks Originals


Tuesday 10 November 2015

November Wishlist: Four Winter Trends

Welcome back! I'm on a mission to create some order to Forever Styling and with that comes organisation, something which I'm working on..

I'll be doing weekly and monthly regulars, starting with a monthly wishlist.

Below you'll find four of this seasons most sort after trends and my favourite picks!

Trend One: Black and White Graphics

Monochrome is a constant trend throughout every season but this winter its about statement bold prints and patterns.

Trend Two: Animal Kingdom

Fur (faux of course), leather and suede. Coats, shawls, bags, even pony skin boots! But it doesn't stop there, animal kingdom is not just the texture but also the print - leopard, zebra, snake. It adds a hint of luxury to any outfit.

Thread Three: Romantic Goth

Think blacks, indigos, dark maroons.
Luxurious fabrics bring romance to what can sometimes be a trend most are intimidated by! Look for silks, satins, velvets and lace for a pretty dark side.

Trend Four: Pastel Hues

Like the monochrome trend, pastels is a regular in every season and it gives a refreshing lift to the darkness of winter but if it's an edge you're after, mix it with gothic pieces to give it contrast. Try leather, for a modern feel.

What are your favourite winter trends?

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Tuesday 3 November 2015

Having A Jenner Moment

My first ever dream when I was little was to become a model, but I never had the confidence or the look (I'm crying inside). But that does mean that I would never pass up the opportunity to channel my inner celebrity.

Thanks to Luxemme I got the chance. This top gives me Kendal Jenner vibes - Google 'Kendal Jenner waist high split' and you'll see, but a quiet street in Sussex is never going to be ready for that type of Hollywood glam so I decided to keep it simple and leave the skin showing to the professionals.

Green Beaded Necklace - Zara
Leigh Skinny Jeans - Topshop
Heeled Sandals - Clarks

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