Sunday 28 May 2017

Battling Early Wrinkles With Makeup Remover

I arrived late to the skin care party, and I feel a bit shameful every morning, when I'm putting on my makeup, as the years of makeup wipes have left their mark.

I used makeup wipes that weren't soft enough, or moist enough, so my skin got rubbed and pulled and my delicate eye area has paid the price. I am twenty two and I have wrinkles. No amount of primer or baking can get rid of those crevices and they're really ruining my makeup vibes.
I've been on a desperate hunt over the last few months to remove my eye makeup with the least amount of effort or pressure, and I think I've found myself the one with Clinique talk the day off balm.

Now there may be some of you thinking but that's not specifically for your eyes, and this may be true, but my eyes are a little on the sensitive side, and they still get along with this cleansing balm like best friends for life.

The balm turns into an oil on contact with your face, meaning your fingers just glide over the surface lifting off your makeup, instead of pulling your skin with it, exactly what I need. I like to let the product sit on my eyelashes for a few moments, before smoothing it away gently was a pure cotton muslin cloth.
My go-to eye look is layers and layers of mascara and this always needs a bit more time to break down.

I know lines on my face will be inevitable, I already have faint ones around the sides of my mouth but they're laughter lines as I'm just too damn smiley.. but the pesky ones under my lower lash lines are bold, leaving me looking constantly tired and touching up my creased makeup.

Now I have my cleansing balm, all I need is the gold star of anti-ageing eye creams and I'll be onto a winning combination!
If you have any suggestions, please send them my way!!

Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm - Clinique
Cotton Muslin Cloths - Liz Earle


Wednesday 24 May 2017

The Confidence Combination

Do you ever find an outfit that makes you feel so wonderfully confident that you can't stop wearing it? Let me take a second to say sorry (not sorry) for the media spam of the below outfit. A killer combo of equally fabulous top and bag which were not made to be hidden in a wardrobe.

 Monochrome, gingham and big sleeves, the Mango design time are absolutely killing it at the moment and their site has gone straight to the top of my bookmarked list.

Buying pieces that give me confidence and that make me walk that inch taller have become a staple part of my shopping routine. If I'm not having the best day, I know I can put on this top and me and my sassy sleeves are ready to go again. 

Off-Shoulder Top - Mango
Flap Tote Bag - Mango
Black Skinny Jeans - Topshop
Heeled Sandals - Clarks

What pieces are your go-to confidence boosters?


Saturday 20 May 2017

How To Style A Trench Coat

When you think of a trench coat, a multi faced, chameleon of style comes to mind. It's rare to find a piece so iconic that the original has been constantly and consistently loved and sort after since the 1850's.
That's not to say innovation isn't welcome. With such a classic as the foundation, twists on the original design can become just as key statement pieces as the ones they're based on.

There are some items of clothing that are a must in everyone's wardrobes and a trench is one of them. Nowadays this is no longer restricted to a gender or an age group. With its versatility through reinvention of colours, materials and lengths, it can fit in anyone's wardrobe. Whether you wouldn't dare be seen in anything other than black or if baby pink is your one and only!

Jack Will's is at the forefront of the trench coat reinvention with their new cuts and colours. They've given the classic beige trench coat a fresh new version with a swing shape, pleating and tie accents.

Jack Wills have a great spot on guide, if you want to know some more about the history of the trench coat plus lots of tips and tricks for nailing your perfect outfit every time!

My favourite tips: dress it up, with a power suit, cinched in by the belt to give you a stronger silhouette and an even stronger outfit. Alternatively wear it loose and open, belt tied at the back, over jeans and a simple tee for an about town kind of vibe!

For me, I crown a true style winner on whether I can wear something with both my converse and heels. If it passes that test then it's going to spend a very long time in my wardrobe.

Have you had a look for your perfect trench coat?

Happy styling!

(With thanks to Jack Wills for sponsoring this post!)


Saturday 13 May 2017

L'Oreal Colour Riche Matte Lipsticks

My lipstick collection just seems to be growing and growing!
When I find a brand or a formula that I like and suits me, going into a shop and buying just one isn't possible, that's why very soon there's a real possibility of instead of this post containing just three lipsticks, there will be at updated version where I own every colour that Loreal have to offer..

These products are just a joy to play with and wear. Super saturated colour gives you that popping statement lip without having to put in much effort, yet if you're after a sheerer version of your chosen shade, a little of the product with a lip brush will go a long way and will give you a little hum of colour.

I can't say these are the mattest formulas I've ever tried but I see that as a bonus as it means extra nourishment for my lips. I no longer have constant paranoia about whether my lips have become a dry, flaky mess!!

103 - Blush In A Rush

241 - Pink A Porter

346 - Scarlet Silhouette

What's your latest beauty obsession?


Wednesday 10 May 2017

San Pellegrino QC Terme Spa

Think back to a time in your life when you felt relaxed, so relaxed you could feel it in your bones, so relaxed it felt like your soul was being cleansed and you were losing the understanding of what stress could ever be again. Remember that and now imagine that feeling whilst being nestled beneath a mountain with the blue sky above you and the sun shining bright. That, was what it felt like to visit this wonderful spa.

Many people don't realise San Pellegrino is a real place. Known for its water and fruity drinks, their birth place is a quietly stunning town, near silent of tourists in the foot of the northern Italian mountains. Picturesque buildings and charismatic cafes, the town is set overlooking a wide river running through the middle, leading your eyes through to the high peaks.

If you wander a street back from the centre, set up off the road, you'll find a winding set of steps leading you through purposefully wild planting and past a water fountain setting the scene for the romantic gothicism of the building that waits at the top, San Pellegrino QC Terme Spa.

Clean white marble interiors greet you in the entrance hall, with friendly staff, who despite the rumours, do in fact speak English, help you organise your day.
After we were dressed in our swimwear and kitted out in our robes and flip flops we were left to explore the magnificent spa to our hearts content. Marble staircases and intricately designed wallpapers lead you upstairs where the theme for the entire place is well being.

Upstairs you find yourself on a 'wellness path', a corridor of rooms, from salt rooms and cold rooms, to sensory rooms, aimed at calming and clearing the mind. From water beds, with the sounds of flowing water and fluid movements projected on the ceiling, to forest rooms with wooden seats, birds calling and foliage projected on the walls. There's endless saunas to help detox you and your skin, some with varying heats and some with essential oils and scents.

You continue down a corridor that bridges the two halves of the building. The second half is where you'll find the water..

There are walk in showers with heads running along the wall all shooting out water at varying pressures as you walk back and fourth, awakening your muscles and getting the blood flowing. There are physical therapies, with two channels of waist deep water, one delightfully warm, you could lie in all day long, and the other, so freezing cold it could have come from the arctic. Focused on injury and muscle recovery, this one was definitely an experience!

There are other areas with similar ideas; submersion baths that you lay in and relax before washing off with a cool shower to refresh your skin and loosened muscles. Foot baths, bubbly and warm with an endless supply of foot salts to give your feet an extra boost.
There are tubs to laze in, some with bubbles, some with music and some with panoramic views, perfectly placed to soak up the whole days worth of sun.

Heading to the mountains in April meant there was still a nip in the air which I didn't fully appreciate until I was lying outside in a pool so warm I could fall asleep, with the fresh breeze making me feeling a little bit more revived with every breath - I have honestly never breathed so freely as being in those mountains!
My favourite area of the pools had submerged loungers in, which when a button is pressed, they turn into your very own jacuzzi massage chair.

After you've spent enough time submerged and you've started to wrinkle there are balcony's filled with lemon and lime trees, tucked slightly away for a more private moment, pod like sofas which I need to invest in for my future home, or my personal favourite to relax and dry off on, a sun drenched deck filled with bright coloured chairs overlooking the main outside pool with a stunning view of the mountains.



Lunch was a wonderful feast, in a magnificent room. Tables piled high with healthy and wholesome foods (and a couple of naughty treats), from delicious pumpkin soup, rice salads and vegetable quiche to pear and chocolate cake and apple tart for pudding. Of course lunch wouldn't have been complete without a bottle of San Pellegrino, less than two miles from it's original source.

My favourite part of the day was a treat to myself, a 30 minute foot massage. I suffer with my circulation so after flying this was exactly what I needed. The lovely Laura did my treatment and it was wonderful from start to finish. I got to choose the type of music and the type of oil I wanted her to use, although I can't remember the specific one, I know it was completely natural and smelt fantastic! Every single millimetre from my toes to my mid calf was kneaded and massaged until they felt so light they could have been floating. I was so close to drifting off in my treatment but I was determined to saviour every moment.

From beginning to end, the spa is an experience, focused on awakening and cleansing your mind, body and soul. And even if that isn't your usual cup of tea, be sure to embrace it and you'll leave feeling an awful lot lighter!!


Saturday 6 May 2017

Delicate Jewellery Pieces

Travel back to the early days of Forever Styling and it would seem that 99% of my outfits had a statement necklace included. I was obsessed, I wanted them big and bold and colourful - on a few occasions I even ended up with neck pain!

If you read my latest fashion post - here - you'll see I'm taking a step up in terms of boldness with my fashion choices, but when it comes to jewellery I've found myself swaying the other way. Now this isn't gospel as I've just bought myself a massive pair of earrings (think Pat Butcher chic) but for the most part and definitely for my go to look, delicate chain necklaces and simple rings and bracelets are my number one choice. They add an elegant touch to any outfit.

White Vest Top - Zara
Camel Waistcoat - Zara
Heeled Desert Boots - Clarks Originals (Similar Here)

What's your go to jewellery look?

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