Wednesday 26 April 2017

Being Bold With Fashion

I've always felt that I've played things pretty safe throughout my life, I haven't pushed myself when I should have and I've often found fear stopping me and holding me back from the version of me I believe I can be and that I want others to see.

Even with fashion, which I've had a love for since I can remember, I've often seen styles and pieces that I would love to have and wear but I get put off by worrying about others opinions of me, the fact I live in a town, not the big city or that we mostly hang out in a pub full of older locals rather than a happening bar with a crowd more my age, I would stand out like a sore thumb, but I'm starting to realise that isn't such a bad thing.

For me, I took a step on the wild side buying this dress. I got so swept up in the beauty of its print and colour and the romance within the movement of the material, that my usual air of caution got swept away with the wind. I feel like a real life sassy dancing lady emoji!

So this is my year of being bold, as uncomfortable as I may feel to begin with I'm going to embrace the stares and smile at the onlookers as I'm buying the tops with the flared sleeves and the trousers with the bright colours. For me, a love of fashion is something to be shared, I no longer want to simply look at pieces through a computer screen but swish and swirl down South Road whilst Beyoncé plays in my head..

Hanky Hem Floral Dress - Topshop
Oversized Denim Jacket - Topshop
Lattice Sandals - Matalan

Do you step outside your comfort zone with fashion?


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