Tuesday 30 September 2014

Just Be

The seasons are starting to turn but I'm not yet ready to cover up and throw on a jumper..

But this doesnt mean I'm not ready to embrace the A/W trends.
Burgundy is a classic winter trend. Rich and striking it works brilliantly with monochrome!!

Black Crop - Asos
Chunky Bobble Necklace - Accessorize
Sterling Silver and Turquoise Ring - Accessorize


Monday 22 September 2014


I have been having a few problems with blogging recently and if any one can help then I would be eternally grateful..

Firstly, in certain shoots, such as today, my jeans/background appear different colours in different photos.
Is this an issue with the camera as the aperture and shutter speeds were kept constant through out but still produced a different outcome?

Secondly, I am far from a model so I struggle with the 'model face' and poses that highlight the clothes, are there any posing pro's that are able to give me some ideas and tips to improve and spice up my posts?

White Crystal Necklace - Zara
Flower Print Camisole - Made by me :)
Black Stone Ring - Vintage
Pearl Braclet - Tiffanys
Leigh Skinny Jeans - Topshop
Converse - Schuh

If you're able to help with my problems above them please get in contact! :)


Saturday 20 September 2014


The most perfect LBD.


I have probably worn this out far too many times but I honestly don't care!!
Although it is pretty plain the mesh sections keep it youthful and cheeky allowing me to show more skin without feeling naked!!
I'm very girly and like to show off my best assets so I tend you choose tighter/clingy materials whilst keeping it short to show off my legs and bum (how embarrassing) so this dress is just amazing.

Words cannot describe my love for this clutch bag.
I spotted it when I was in Paris and knew it had to be mine.
I normally use this bag when I'm going out in a very dark outfit like this one to inject with some much needed colour.

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P.S. I had written blog posts on each day of London Fashion Week which I somehow managed to delete before being posted so although it has now finished these will still be going up this week!!

Tuesday 16 September 2014


I love black and I've never met a blogger who doesn't. It's practical and extremely hard to do wrong, but I've always felt that wearing it head to toe can look rather funeral-esqe. This was confirmed when Vogue Goddess Anna Wintour herself said this is the one thing she would never wear.

In case you missed out - 73 Questions with Anna Wintour

Mesh Sleeve Crop Top - Nicole Scherzinger for Missguided
Gold Bar Necklace - Asos Marketplace
Black Leather Skirt - Asos
Gold Midi Rings - Asos
Orange Graphic Print Heels - China Girl

These heels are FOR SALE
Brand new, never worn (apart from this post), 6" heel, size 6/39, £15 UK only.
Interested? Then just send me a message!

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Sunday 14 September 2014

Are We Losing Our Seasons?

Should the industry reign in the fashion seasons to match with the actual seasons?
Let us enjoy oversized parkas and fur trimmed hats through winter, before the idea of shorts and summer holidays are thrust upon us.

Fashion is changing every season and with each one, comes new collections and new graphics. Summer is not yet officially over with last minute heat waves expected but A/W is already in full force in the shops and has been for weeks.

Through work placements and creating my own work, I understand the amount of hours and man power that go into each collection; therefore it's not surprising the preparation for each season needs to happen months and sometimes even years in advance. Is the promotion of which necessary such a distance ahead?

Surely if the next seasons collections were shown at the end of the current, there would be less stress and demand for the designers and their teams, and would allow the very face of fashion, which is the general public to enjoy the season they're currently in.

Fashion month has started, and with the collections of S/S15 being cast upon social media, I already feel the need to be checking the catwalks for the latest trends, to ensure when spring does come around, I'm not left behind the rest of the fashion pack. In reality I should be beginning to pack up my shorts and pull out my transitional autumn wardrobe for when it starts to cool off but instead it’s got me lusting after next year’s sun and the trends that come with that!


Friday 12 September 2014

I Love Levi's

After years of wanting a pair I have finally found my beloved Levi's and for only £10 on ebay I think they're a pretty good bargain.

I could honestly pair these Levi's with nearly everything in my wardrobe but I chose this outfit as it is perfect for any warm sunny day.

This graphic cami is perfect for keeping cool out in the heat whilst also managing to look brilliant!! Although it would leave you with some odd tan lines...

Graphic and monochrome prints are a must for everyone's wardrobe as they will always be in style no matter what season.

It is near impossible to get me out of my converse these days, I think they can work with anything, even dresses if they are worn well. You don't know love until you own a pair!!

I'll be wearing these shorts throughout winter but will switch bare legs for black tights and a camisole for a chunky knit jumper :)

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Wednesday 10 September 2014

The Hounds Are Out

Silver Chunky Bobble Necklace - Accessorize
Lilac Sheer Oversized Shirt - New Look
Typewriter Ring - Rock N Rose
Houndstooth Pelmet Skirt - Topshop
Kaycie White Platforms - My First Wish


Monday 8 September 2014

Friendly Fire


Wednesday 3 September 2014

So many statement pieces

This is my favourite outfit in my wardrobe at the moment. It combines four of my favourite trends. Monochrome, print, Autumn colours and statement jewellery and it works perfectly.

I wore this outfit at the weekend for my friends birthday party and then onto the bars so I am thankful for the fact my shoes are extremely comfy!! The block heel and platform mean the shoes are not as high as they actually look (helpful when you're 5'7 already!!)

I used to hate trousers to the point where I didn't own a single pair for years, but these babies have completely changed my mind to the extent that I might have accidently bought a second nearly identical pair (thank you Topshop). Finally my winter will be spent in trousers and no longer freezing in skirts and tights.

Sophie Ruffolo once again on best friend duties.

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