Monday, 1 August 2016

August Wishlist

Summer should still be fully underway but  the gods seem to have other plans, with the frequent winds and showers we've been getting I've gone for mainly summer pieces that will look fab layered, with tights or some beautiful boots!


Monday, 18 July 2016

Summer Dress Series Two

But as time has gone by I've grown confident that 'no my shoulders aren't too big to wear them' and 'yes I can find a bra that works'.
Stripes seem to be a theme that has developed within my style over the last year or two and at one point I was struggling to wear a top that didn't have lines on it. So like a magpie to a gem I fell in love with both the bardot and the stripes of this dress!

Monday, 11 July 2016

Summer Dress Series One

For the past couple of years I have struggled and struggled to find summer dresses that I adore, but this year I succeeded and just couldn't stop so over the next few posts you'll be seeing a mini summer dress series!

My recent holiday to Turkey was absolutely incredible, but being in 40 degree heat all day long, I ended up resembling a sweaty tomato.. So although they don't look quite as glamorous without the palm trees swaying in the back ground, I'm holding out hope for some sunshine to follow me home and make my photos a little more tropical!!

Friday, 8 July 2016

Travel: Turkey, Olu Deniz

I'm currently in the depth of holiday blues. I was in beautiful scorching sunshine, I boarded a plane, and then I was back in grey clouds and rain!

I've spent a week in the beautiful south west corner of Turkey, Olu Deniz. Protected by scenic mountains and overlooking beautiful beaches and blue lagoons, it was a little piece of paradise in what is currently a country in despair.

From the moment we stepped off the plane we were met by such friendly and helpful locals that were so clearly eager to make your trip enjoyable, from our transfer driver to our masseuse.


We stayed in the beautiful Sun City Beach Club Hotel. Filled with olive and palm trees, bright vibrant flowers and summer tunes it felt truly tropical. Our hotel had its own spa centre, so when in Turkey, we felt it only right to have a Turkish bath. It was certainly an experience and I suspect most aren't usually as full of life as ours were.. There were water fights, bubble fights, sliding over marble tables and also the real side of the bath with exfoliation, washing, face masks and massage.


For such a tiny part of the country there are certainly so much to do, we went quad biking through the woods and tracks and although we didn't see many views, the mountains looked fantastic and we definitely had a wonderful time!
Paragliding is a must! Sadly we left it too late and ran out of money but seeing the footage from other gliders, the views look outstanding, truly breathtaking! It's definitely on my to-do list! There are boat trips and tours of the blue lagoon, scuba diving, jet skiing, and that's just a few!


I travelled to turkey with my boyfriend and his family for a wedding. Although I have only been to a handful of weddings myself, I don't think words or pictures could truly describe the beauty of that day. The vows were on a jetty in a secluded bay overlooking the sea and the mountains. The hotel reception was nestled within the mountain with the backdrop of an infinity pool, the sea and the most incredible sunset.  I couldn't be happier or more grateful to be considered part of the family to be welcomed to join in their day! 

By far, Turkey is one of the best holidays I have ever experienced.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Life Update: We Have A Puppy..

When I was three, my parents bought me a little toy West Highland Terrier, that day they made a big mistake. For the last 19 years I have relentlessly wanted a Westie, and after making many excuses, they eventually ran out!

Countless months, phone calls and emails later, on a day of coincidences I got an email from the Kennel Club saying a new litter was available! Fast forward three weeks and I finally had my Rosie Dog!

She is the most adorable bundle of joy and so full of personality but I can't lie and say the last couple of months have been easy, because they've been an awful lot harder than any of us expected and there are definitely no instructions for this!

If anyone wanting a dog takes any advice, I would say research until your fingers fall off! How big they get, how much exercise they will need, personality traits and training methods - not all of them will work for your dog but you'll find something that fits!

Terriers are renowned for being strong minded little pickles and Rosie has definitely lived up to that but day by day she's getting better!!

I'm so excited for the coming years and watching my puppy become a dog, she's grown so much already..

Monday, 13 June 2016

Beautiful Embroidery

I very much believe you get what you pay for in life and that picking quality over quantity is always a winner!

Embroidery is such a beautiful craft, a mix of technique, design and medium.

Although I think it's hard to beat the magic that comes from bespoke hand embroidery, the designs produced by machine are often so much more elaborate, that they are breathtaking in their own right.

 I recently wrote a post about how I was never a fan of trousers and since finding jeans I've stuck to a skinny high waisted style (you can find that here) but I seem to have changed and I instantly fell in love with these jeans when Topshop decided to tease me through their Facebook page, so I decided to venture into new territory!

I went slightly cropped with these, partly because my usual length was out of stock, but I'm so glad I did as it almost makes them look more fitted. These beauties also come in regular blue denim, but I decided to embrace the cream and try something a bit different (if I had the money, the blue ones would totally be mine too!).

I have to keep reminding myself they're not supposed to be tight fitting and although I'm falling for this new look, the style is definitely taking some getting used to!

I can honestly say these are the most beautiful pair of trousers I've owned and I'm praying for a wonderful summer so I can wear them to death!

Cropped Bardot Top - Asos
Green Leather Belt - Vintage