Thursday 29 October 2015

Fabulous Coats

I have been on a serious wardrobe organisation spree the last couple of days, ready for the cold weather. I'm sorting out what I have and what I need.
I was stressing about the fact I don't have enough long sleeve tops to get me through a whole week, let alone a season, when I realised that its all good having beautiful tops to wear, but we spend so much of Autumn and Winter in coats. If they're lacking in the oomph department, then it ruins the whole feel of your outfit.

This is where my new two day old coat comes in. Armed with a Zara voucher I was determined to find something new season and fabulous that I wouldn't want to throw come March time, which is when I found this little gem.

You can't go wrong with black, until it starts to fade, it will see you through years (and even then, purchase some dye and it will be like brand new!). The shape is incredibly flattering, fitted around the waist with a slight flare, accentuating an hourglass look, and as the furs detachable, come early spring when I'm still after layers without that winter feeling I can whip it off and have a different coat.

I love dusky shades, especially in pink. When I want to be girly it gives me the colour hit I'm after without being too much. Tones like these work all year round!

Crystal Beaded Necklace - Zara
Skater Skirt - River Island
Cut Out Leather Boots - Clarks


Friday 23 October 2015

Hello Autumn!

Hello Autumn!

I'm a summer baby, and it will always be my favourite season but I can't deny the excitement I get when I can double up layers, get out my boot collection and wrap up in scarves!

If you take a look in my wardrobe you'll see a couple of reoccurring themes, two of which are stripes and burgundy. They're both so versatile that there are very few things I own that they don't work with.
The stripe is a classic, reminding me of France and Kate Middleton (bit of a combo), adds interest to plain pieces and depending on how daring you're feeling can work wonderfully with other prints!
Burgundy is one of those tones that spans across your wardrobe so well, I can't say it would look fab with neon pink but find the right shade and you could be  sold!

They'll both continue to be at the forefront of my wardrobe for seasons to come and I feel they're a perfect option if you're looking for timeless pieces that will carry you through!

Leather Jacket - Zara


Tuesday 20 October 2015

Croatia - Part Three

I have a confession. I always go away with the great intention of taking lots of fab photos and coming home and creating a travel series of my holibobs. Butttt I always end up getting so distracted by what's around me that there just really isn't enough, so I'm afraid this post focuses on my darling outfit (love Croatian Zara) with a couple of pretty beach and sunset shots thrown in for good measure!

Lattice Sandals - Matalan


Thursday 15 October 2015

Croatia - Part Two

Today's post is a glimpse of the breathtaking Krka National Park.

If you travel to Croatia, you must visit. Everywhere you look is covered by leafy greens, running streams and spectacular waterfalls. It's truly breathtaking, in view and exertion.

The day we chose to visit was hot, really hot, and with a good hours walk through the park, though most of the trails are shaded by trees, you're thankful for the lake at the base of the waterfall to take a dip in (and you can't forget the icecream kiosks..). 

Even out of the summer holidays the viewing areas were jam packed full of people desperate to get their perfect shot so take some time to explore the less travelled trails and miss the midday crowds! 

Lattice Sandals - Matalan


Thursday 8 October 2015

Social Media Silence

It's been a bit quiet for Forever Styling on the social media front for the last couple of weeks.
I've hit a point where I've lost all motivation. I'm not happy with the things that I'm producing and my general day to day.

I decided to give myself a social break, not worrying when my next tweet will go up or whether people will want to read my latest post and it was refreshing. So now, I have the last three of my summer posts ready to go up and whilst these are being posted I'm making a concious effort to brainstorm what is bugging me and what I need to do to make positive changes.

I've been holding onto my last three pieces of summer sunshine but now its into October I feel I need to move onto the next season (yay for scarves!!).

Initial Necklace - Etsy
Striped Long Sleeve Crop - New Look
Lace Trim Shorts - Mango
Heeled Sandals - Clarks

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