Thursday 8 October 2015

Social Media Silence

It's been a bit quiet for Forever Styling on the social media front for the last couple of weeks.
I've hit a point where I've lost all motivation. I'm not happy with the things that I'm producing and my general day to day.

I decided to give myself a social break, not worrying when my next tweet will go up or whether people will want to read my latest post and it was refreshing. So now, I have the last three of my summer posts ready to go up and whilst these are being posted I'm making a concious effort to brainstorm what is bugging me and what I need to do to make positive changes.

I've been holding onto my last three pieces of summer sunshine but now its into October I feel I need to move onto the next season (yay for scarves!!).

Initial Necklace - Etsy
Striped Long Sleeve Crop - New Look
Lace Trim Shorts - Mango
Heeled Sandals - Clarks


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