Friday 31 January 2014

I Saw The Sign

I'm so happy to finally be posting again after a few days of terrible weather and too much work!!

I'm sadly really disappointed with this skirt, it was originally leather look and was absolutely perfect but unfortunately after a couple of washes the coating has gone leaving with a matte cotton finish so I am afraid you will have to imagine what it is supposed to look like!!

Cable Knit Jumper - Topshop
Lace Front Collared Shirt - H&M
Leather Look Skirt - River Island
Leather pumps - Next

Thank you to Charlee for letting me hijack our lunch date!! :)


Monday 27 January 2014

Under The Sheets

The majority of the items in my wardrobe are summer clothes so I'm having a struggle with outfits looking wintery enough so don't hold it against me if the occasional dress or crop top sneak onto the blog!!

The classic Levi shorts are one of my favourite wardrobe staples, they work with practically everything and anything in any season so they will be a regular in posts!!

Thank you Pip for being my photographer!!

I'm really sorry about the delay in the blog post this week, my boyfriend was home from training so I wanted to make the most of our weekend!! And my laptop is slowly giving up its fight and dying on me!!


Wednesday 22 January 2014

Give Me Everything

I guess this dress would technically be classed as a summer dress but I love it too much to only stick to half of the year. So I just throw on some tights and cute ankles socks and its warm enough for sunny winter days that feels more like spring!!

I got these adorable heart print socks in my Asos sock haul. Definitely one of my favorite pairs, I love combining sheer, lace and frilly ankles socks with heels, helps keep your trusty go to pair of heels a bit more interesting.

Thank you to Pip for taking my photographs!


Tuesday 21 January 2014

Scruffy Dog Phone Cover

This is definitely the best Christmas present I got this year; I cant hide my love for small scruffy dogs and as my plain bumper was starting to lose it's colour and was just generally pretty boring my adorable boyfriend found me this gem :)


Sunday 19 January 2014

Can You Hear Me

Leather and lace are such a classic combination and it gives me the perfect excuse to wear my gorgeous new leather jacket again..

I've been having such a nightmare with the lighting recently! I was so happy that it was a sunny day but the lack of any clouds in the sky meant I ended up having trouble seeing and keeping the brightness under control!! Fingers crossed for a sunny day with some cloud coverage!!


Saturday 18 January 2014

Alterna Moisture Masque

No matter how many beauty blogs I read/watch whenever I try to write a beauty review I never know whether I've covered everything so if you have any ideas or tips of things I should include then it would be amazing if you could let me know!!

I am very lucky having a hair dresser as one of my best friends although this does mean I have no excuse for the state my hair often gets in..

Having the usual moan about the constant battle between growing my hair and my never ending dry and split ends she threw me a life line in the form of a hair mask..

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Masque

When I first saw the packaging I was a bit outraged at the use of Anti-Aging but after realising how old my hair actually is I can see where they are coming from..

It describes itself as an intensive moisturising treatment that replenishes moisture-starved strands, leaving hair smooth, silky and youthfully restored.

And I have to say I agree. My hair is usually pretty much just frizz but surprisingly the difference in the texture and smoothness of my hair was remarkable. After just one use my hair was ridiculously soft which is a drastic change from the straw that is usually attached to my head!! The smell is pleasant whilst not being too strong to be over powering and the consistency is much like a normal conditioner although when applying it doesn't feel like you have conditioner on your hair so I had to refrain from using too much. 

Overall I really liked this moisture masque and I'm looking forward to seeing continued improvement in the feel of my hair!!

Thank you to Gina for being my savior!!

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Friday 17 January 2014

Who Run The World

This is my second attempt at this outfit post due to the sun playing havoc with the photographs which is why it's taken a little longer to put up it up!!

These cut out leather look boots are one of my most recent purchases and definitely one of my favourites. Although, they did leave me with the problem of not having any socks without visible animals on them, which means I did end up buying an excessive amount from Asos especially for these boots..

Definitely think I need to enroll on a 'How to look like a model' course..

Thank you again to Pip for her help!!

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