Saturday 18 January 2014

Alterna Moisture Masque

No matter how many beauty blogs I read/watch whenever I try to write a beauty review I never know whether I've covered everything so if you have any ideas or tips of things I should include then it would be amazing if you could let me know!!

I am very lucky having a hair dresser as one of my best friends although this does mean I have no excuse for the state my hair often gets in..

Having the usual moan about the constant battle between growing my hair and my never ending dry and split ends she threw me a life line in the form of a hair mask..

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Masque

When I first saw the packaging I was a bit outraged at the use of Anti-Aging but after realising how old my hair actually is I can see where they are coming from..

It describes itself as an intensive moisturising treatment that replenishes moisture-starved strands, leaving hair smooth, silky and youthfully restored.

And I have to say I agree. My hair is usually pretty much just frizz but surprisingly the difference in the texture and smoothness of my hair was remarkable. After just one use my hair was ridiculously soft which is a drastic change from the straw that is usually attached to my head!! The smell is pleasant whilst not being too strong to be over powering and the consistency is much like a normal conditioner although when applying it doesn't feel like you have conditioner on your hair so I had to refrain from using too much. 

Overall I really liked this moisture masque and I'm looking forward to seeing continued improvement in the feel of my hair!!

Thank you to Gina for being my savior!!

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  1. Hey!
    This is going to sound really weird but I found your blog through twitter with the #bblogger and recognised your name from somewhere, couldn't think where. Remembered that you went to college with Rowan Ward? She's like my childhood best friend!

    Followed you on bloglovin', really like your blog!
    haha sorry for the random comment x

    1. Hi! Haha that's amazing!! I also recognise your name!! :) Thank you sweet, following back!! :) Love the blog address ;) xo


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