Saturday 1 July 2017

Happy Birthday To Meeee!

Happy birthday to me!!

I've just turned 23, and although in the grand scheme of things that is still very young, it feels that in the blink of an eye I'll be in my 80's sitting in my garden, reminiscing about these days, so they need to be memorable.
Time is flying past so fast that I've decided to start a new yearly birthday tradition.

I don't like the usual 'new year, new me' thing when January comes around, as although the year we're in changes, a birthday marks a personal fresh start, the changing of age and the scary prospect of growing up.

I have a whole 365 days until I turn 24 and although in theory this means plenty of time to 'get shit done', we all know that New Years felt like yesterday and the end of summer feels like tomorrow and the year will be gone without me even realising..
To try and stop the panic of ageing (and the end of summer) from setting in, I've decided to set myself four goals each year that I want to achieve from one birthday to the next.

Move out of my family home:

This is the biggest and scariest of my four goals but the time has definitely come for me to spread my wings (and my stuff) and move out. There are certainly no solid plans in place just yet but Alex and I have been talking about buying somewhere together for a while now and I want this next year to be the year we take the leap. It's such a scary prospect but I finally feel 'adult' enough to do it and I'm so excited for all the home wear hauls to come!

Find a permanent job I love:
I'm really enjoying the current job I'm in but its only maternity cover and the uncertainty that comes with my contract finishing in December terrifies me. Not only is it an awful time of year to be finishing and beginning a new job but I'm scared of what will happen if I don't secure a new job to go straight into so my next job being a permanent one is a must for my peace of mind!

Make some more time for me:
Recently it's felt like I've been doing nothing but working, revising, trying desperately to fit seeing all my friends in, spending quality time with my boyfriend and somewhere amongst all that attempting to get some sleep. I want more time to do the things I enjoy at my own pace, without having to rush or tick it off a list. I want to blog and sew and get crafty, I want to see my friends or have a date night without the fear of a deadline sitting on my shoulder! So I'm learning to prioritise better and to find that middle ground where I can throw my revision book on the floor and leave it till tomorrow.

Make some new friends:
Now I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea, I'm not talking about every year find a new group of friends. I certainly don't have plans to get rid of or replace my current bunch of pals. But it feels that as we get older it seems harder and harder to meet new people and to find genuine friendships that last, so this year I'm hoping to recruit some new besties to add to the team because you can never have too many gals (or guys) who have your back.

Initial and Stone Necklace - Accessorize
Lattice Sandals - Matalan

Having solid goals in place makes me so much more excited for the next year. It's made me reevaluate my prioritises and I feel so much more focused now I have a main goal that I'm working towards rather than just endless lists!

Do you make resolutions on your birthday or are you more of a traditionalist and stick with New Years? Either way let me know what your goals are for this year!


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