Friday 29 January 2016

My Top 5 Hair Care Products

I have suffered a life long battle with my hair but I'm on a mission to get rid of the frizzy mess I have come to know.
I give all my thanks to (my two best friends who happen to be hairdressers and) the products below..


Bain Fluidealiste (Discipline) - Kerastase
Goodbye unruly hair. Stating fluidity, shine and anti-frizz this shampoo leaves my locks silky soft after just one wash. It's full of Morpho Keratine, nourishing your hair from the inside out and even providing a barrier against the pesky humidity. Being extremely concentrated you need to use it sparingly, I didn't to begin with and 'hello greasy hair'. A pea sized amount is all you need, mixed with generous amounts of water to get it to a thick lather.
It is part of a three step programme which I personally don't use as with my level of frizz the shampoo was perfect on its own but if you only have to walk outside and your hairs are on end then I would definitely recommend the whole treatment!


Miracle Recharge Take The Heat Conditioning Spray - Aussie
I am horrified when I recall the days of styling my hair without protection. I never bothered to use it yet I still complained when the split ends were showing up. Not only does this protect my hair from the heat and condition it at the same time but like with all Aussie products, it smells absolutely incredible too! One more reason I want to visit down under!


Wellaflex Silvikrin - Wella
I like to think of this hairspray as Elnette's younger sister. For the small price tag it does a blooming good job! I used to see people using hair spray and think what the point was but it turns out I was wrong. The volume you can create with just one product is brilliant yet it brushes out after just a few strokes making it such a versatile product!


Tangle Teezer
Long gone are the days I would tug at my hair desperately trying to get through my tangles, its so speedy that brushing my hair, especially when wet, is no longer the longest part of my routine. I managed to nab myself the limited edition pink and white but there's a different colour to suit every personality. It's also doubles up as a FAB and gentle head scratcher..


Power Tame 16 Intense Straightening Balm - Redken
Before I discovered my Kerastase shampoo this upped my straightening game on so many levels, and even through changing the other parts of my routine this stays a firm favourite tipping my style over the edge to give me that poker straight finish!


Do you have any 'can't live without' hair care products?

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Tuesday 26 January 2016

Charity Shop Challenge

Never underestimate a charity shop!

'They smell of old people' and 'they're full of rubbish' is the two most commons phrases I hear from people when I try to convert them. Okay a lot of charity shops may have a certain smell to them, but whack the items in your washing machine and they come out smelling like spring blossom! I also agree for the most part, that charity shops are full of some undesirable pieces but in amongst those bits, you can find some gems!

Don't believe me?
A Charity Shop is exactly where I got my Alexander McQueen Scarf and my 100% Cashmere Jumper!

The scarf had tags and was flawless, it was £50 and that's nothing compared to the happiness it has brought to my wardrobe!

My cashmere jumper was a bargain £12! Head to the high street and you're looking at atleast £100 (designer, even more!).

Even though you are grabbing yourself a deal, make sure you're still checking for marks, defects and holes. These pieces have already had a life, so signs of wear and tear are common so if you're not happy, don't buy!!

Why not set yourself the challenge of finding something you love from a Charity Shop this year?

Skull Print Scarf - Alexander McQueen (charity shop)
100% Cashmere Jumper - La Redoute (charity shop)
Leigh Skinny Jeans - Topshop
Heeled Desert boots - Clarks originals


Friday 22 January 2016

Make A Change

I seem to be in a habit of altering my clothes recently.
A couple of posts back, after taking my photographs the collar of my top got taken off and I have just made this asymmetric top shorter!

I often find I like the overall design of an item but there might just be one little thing that bugs me and with a couple of snips with some scissors and a bit of thread I can change an item to a piece that I love entirely!

You should give it a try!

Asymmetric Top - Missguided
Textured Skater Skirt - Handmade By Me
 Black Heeled Sandals - Clarks


Wednesday 20 January 2016

Give Me Some Shape

The festive season is well and truly over and although its dropped to absolutely freezing temperatures outside, my eyes are firmly set on summer. I'm starting to ditch the baggy jumpers and dresses that I've clung to over Christmas and I'm starting to get some shape back in my life.
Waist belts are a game changer!

Green Stone Choker - Zara
Metallic Thread Jumper - Mango
Button Up Suede Skirt - Stradivarius
Patent Loafers - Topshop


Tuesday 19 January 2016

Beauty Review: ABH Waterproof Colour Creme Eyeliner

I have more Anastasia Beverly Hills goodies for you.

This time I'm swooning over my eyeliner. Always having been a felt tip girl, adjusting to applying my eyeliner with a brush has taken some getting used to but I think I'm finally getting there..

It's a gel formula so it glides onto the lid seamlessly and being incredibly pigmented a little goes a long way! Being waterproof is great, if like me, your eyes tend to stream (or maybe if you're an emotional person) the only downside is that some fairly heavy duty makeup remover is needed to remove it without making the delicate eye areas sore!

 As great as this liner may be, it can't do its job properly without the correct tools!
I use the Zoeva 312 Detail Liner Brush and it's a dream team!



Thursday 14 January 2016

Winter Blues

I'm starting to get the winter blues. I can't deal with this amount of rain and having to wait hours for my car to defrost is just boring! But before I start wishing the new year away and hoping for summer, little things like my beautiful boots remind me that the season isn't really so bad!

High Neck Crop Top - Asos
Geometric A-line Skirt - Motel
Over The Knee Boots - Public Desire

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Tuesday 12 January 2016

When Life Stresses You Out..

Life is stressful. Maybe not 24/7 but I can guarantee that at one point or another you feel the need to scream into a pillow.. Recently with a mix of exams, illness and general life struggles I've felt my stress levels rising but I'm finding ways to overcome this and thought I would share my tips on the chance that it might just help you too..


Breathing techniques seem to be as old as the sun when it comes to stress relief, and whilst I have 'breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth' ingrained into my brain, only one technique works to calm me down. I count to ten, no higher, and then start back at the beginning, breathing in on the odds and out on the evens, saying the numbers in my head with each breathe, and if you realise your brain has wandered from the numbers then you go back to one and start again. My theory as why this works for me, is that breathing is a natural instinct, you do it without thinking so even when I try to concentrate on breathing I get distracted and my brain continues in overdrive to where my mind is stressing. When I add in the counting I have to concentrate on something else. Through practice, before I even get to 10, my anxiety just fades away!


I appear to be a mess collector, and when my room looks like its been hit by a bomb I feel instant anxiety when I enter it. There's too much to look at and not because its pretty. Your bedroom should be a relaxing place, a place where you can unwind and get a peaceful nights sleep, but you're not going to feel restful if you're surrounded by clutter and can barely see the floor (it's called a floordrobe..). Pick an area and tackle it head on, create piles for rubbish, recycling and charity.
Not only can you improve your own environment but you can look after the planet and good causes at the same time!


One of my new resolutions for 2016 is to fill my room with plants and fresh flowers. Everyone knows that plants produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, and although I highly doubt that would make an actual difference to the levels in your room, I like to imagine that they could, and that instantly makes me feel like I'm doing something good for myself! Flowers and plants just make me feel happy. They're a reminder that there is such beauty in the world which I'll miss if I don't take the time to enjoy what's around me! 


Try playing with smells, whether its a new perfume, room spray, candles or freshly washed bedding. Your sense of smell is such a powerful thing and you should put it to use. Find a smell that reminds you of  memories you had forgotten, places you've been or that just remind of you a beautiful summer day. I find I connect smells to things so easily. A perfume I bought over 5 years ago still reminds me of a wonderful family holiday to Lanzarote, which instantly fills me with joy! Give it a try!


I would love to hear if you decide to give any of these tips a try!


Friday 8 January 2016

Finding My Personal Style

Personal style is so important.

Your appearance is the first thing people will see, so it's often very difficult to be able to sum yourself up in just one outfit but after many years of buying disastrous trends, I've put all of that behind me and I think I'm finally hitting my stride.

I never want to negotiate with comfort or style and through carefully choosing my wardrobe I'm starting to break through! There's no excuse in 2016 for companies to not be able to deliver both in one package. Of course 5" heels are never going to be the most comfortable of things but a little lift every now and then is never going to hurt anybody!

Now when I go to buy any new piece of clothing, I always ask myself what I'm trying to portray, and if it's not the 'me' that I want the world to see, it goes straight back on the shelf..

Interlocking Necklace - Asos
Stripy Long Sleeve Top - H&M
Waterfall Waistcoat - Zara
Pointed Leopard Print Flats - Asos


Thursday 7 January 2016

Beauty Review: ABH Dipbrow Pomade

There's not many things about myself that I love, but if you asked me to choose, top of my list would probably be my eyebrows!

I somehow skipped the teenage over plucking stage and have sculpted my brows into a pretty good shape! Apart from being annoyingly blonde with my dark hair there is nothing that I would change about them.

Because of my passion for my brows I am rather fussy with what products I let near them, which is why I'm so excited by this product..

I wasn't sure if anyone would ever be able to drag my Mac shadows out of my make up bag but Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade has claimed its place.

It's a super pigmented gel with very full coverage so starting with little is a must, you don't want to charge straight in with a brush lathered in the product because it's just going to go wrong!

With eleven shades to choose from you will find the perfect shade. I went for 'medium brown' as it's the perfect ashy tone, the one thing I've always struggled with is finding a product without a red hue, with my eyebrows being so light it always seemed impossible.

(my still life photography is improving but my self portraits are not quite there yet..)

I picked mine up from Beauty Bay as they had the best deal with delivery charges but you can find the Dipbrow Pomade from many other sites and stockists!

If you've found any eyebrow products that you can't live without then let me know!


Tuesday 5 January 2016

Shooting Inside

Glorious British winter. I'm kidding, I hate it.
It's been so torrential the last couple of days its forced me to rearrange my entire lounge just to find the single piece of plain wall in the house to shoot against.

This year I'm hoping for big changes to Forever Styling and that includes posting whether its rain or shine. If Pretty Sickly can shoot in her room then so can I!

I feel like this photography has taken a step backwards but practice makes perfect and whilst I'm getting used to shooting inside it will hopefully test my skills and make them stronger!


Friday 1 January 2016

New Year Resolutions


January 1st is always the day of the resolution and this year I've decided to take them seriously and by posting them on the internet for the world to see, there will be no forgetting about them before February comes.


Instead of the standard losing weight resolution, this year I'm going for health.
The past year has been a painful battle with illness and migraines and looking back over 2015 and how much I missed out or was held back because of this, is incredibly disappointing, so this year I am setting out to get to the bottom of the problem with or without doctors help, by switching everything up! For the first time I'm going to be researching everything I eat so that I can know for sure that everything that goes into my body is only going to benefit me! Not enough people make their health a priority, me included, but after the last few years I'm determined that when it comes, I will exit 2016 feeling the best I ever have. And if I happen to be a couple of pounds lighter.. you wont find me complaining!


Forever Styling is my next big resolution. I get so much joy out of posting whether it being styling shoots, wishlists or beauty posts. But if my life gets hectic its the first thing that gets thrown to the back seat, and being that it brings me such happiness and excitement through creating content, I don't want that to happen any longer. I've written lists, oh so many lists of content and outfits and segments of posts so I've set aside evenings and days off each dedicated to writing and shooting. Organisation is key, and that's something I'm determined to improve on this year!


Self-hosted. It's a scary word, but one I'm planning on becoming familiar with. I don't think I can throw myself fully in the deep end and create my own piece of the internet single handedly just yet, as I'm just not one for grasping the tech sides of these things but I'm a big believer in learning from others. I'm going to find a helpful soul who will get me up on my feet and show me the ropes. I'm so excited at the prospect of controlling every tiny detail of Forever Styling, instead of being bound by a host site. As in my last resolution Forever Styling is going to be at the forefront of this year and this is just another exciting step to get me on my way!


This year I'm rediscovering my passions. At college I was told so often to focus on just one thing, that some of my passions have been lost along the way. For years I wanted to be in make up, and as soon as I got into fashion and photography, printing and jewellery were other great loves of mine, but it got ignored, which saddens me. After years of focusing solely on fashion I've decided to scale it back and bring the others into the foreground. My make up and brush collections is growing by the month and I'm perfecting techniques I never thought I would be able to create. I've bought enough screen printing mesh to cover a house and my wire and beads are at the ready!
I'm so blooming excited to get creative again that the days can't come quick enough!!


My last resolution is to weekly rid my room of clutter. It's crazy how much stress a mess can create.
I sleep better, I study better and I've even noticed a difference in my moods, how could I not keep a resolution like that! A second part of this resolution is to fill my room with green plants and fresh flowers, I've never been able to be sad whilst looking at a beautiful bloom.


Here's to a happy and healthier New Year!

What are your resolutions for 2016?

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