Thursday 7 January 2016

Beauty Review: ABH Dipbrow Pomade

There's not many things about myself that I love, but if you asked me to choose, top of my list would probably be my eyebrows!

I somehow skipped the teenage over plucking stage and have sculpted my brows into a pretty good shape! Apart from being annoyingly blonde with my dark hair there is nothing that I would change about them.

Because of my passion for my brows I am rather fussy with what products I let near them, which is why I'm so excited by this product..

I wasn't sure if anyone would ever be able to drag my Mac shadows out of my make up bag but Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade has claimed its place.

It's a super pigmented gel with very full coverage so starting with little is a must, you don't want to charge straight in with a brush lathered in the product because it's just going to go wrong!

With eleven shades to choose from you will find the perfect shade. I went for 'medium brown' as it's the perfect ashy tone, the one thing I've always struggled with is finding a product without a red hue, with my eyebrows being so light it always seemed impossible.

(my still life photography is improving but my self portraits are not quite there yet..)

I picked mine up from Beauty Bay as they had the best deal with delivery charges but you can find the Dipbrow Pomade from many other sites and stockists!

If you've found any eyebrow products that you can't live without then let me know!


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