Thursday 27 February 2014


I honestly think Marks and Spencer's are underestimated, I can't deny that I used to buy my underwear and over look everything else but I am now regularly finding pieces that are loved in my wardrobe, including these pumps and my beloved trench coat!!

Although this Asos blazer is a couple of seasons old now it's a firm favourite when I need an extra lightweight layer, I will definitely be keeping my eyes fixed on the webpage looking for a new season version!!

Before you say it, I know this photo is blurry :( it unfortunately wouldn't zoom in without doing so but I thought it was better for you to check out the beauty of my shoes rather than miss out!! :)

 Oop, hello belly..

Statement Necklace - Zara
Turquoise Sterling Silver Ring - Accessorize
Textured Long Line Blazer - Asos
Cropped Cami - Topshop
Leigh Super Skinny Jeans - Topshop
Printed Bow Pumps - Marks and Spencer's

Thank you again to Pip for my photographs :)


Monday 24 February 2014

Take A Walk

I apologise in advance for my top, I didn't realise it was rather see through until I got my images on my laptop which is why there aren't many today, but at least I was wearing a black bra!!

These shorts are last years but I know for a fact that Asos have them in again in different colours so definitely check those out!! I'm waiting for pay day and then the burgundy pair will be mine!! :)

Statement Necklace - Zara
Long Sleeved Top - New Look
Suede Pumps - Ebay


Friday 21 February 2014

Lovers Eyes

Sadly I am not privileged enough to be invited to London Fashion Week so instead I went off to London Fashion Weekend yesterday with one of my lovely friends.

I will be posting about the whole day soon but my camera failed to focus on the majority of the outfits so a lot of editing is necessary before they are seen. So instead I decided to post what I wore :)

Pastels is always a major trend for Spring/Summer and with the majority of my outfit containing black I decided to inject some colour into my outfit.

Everyone loves a bit of leather and lace!

Cami Slip Dress - Asos

Cropped Cardigan - Vintage
Structured Leather Jacket - Zara
Double Buckle Waist Belt - Next
Chain and Solid Midi Rings - C/O Asos
Lace Ankle Socks - Asos
Cut Out Leather Look Boots - New Look


Wednesday 19 February 2014

Real Techniques - Real Amazing

I have never been super passionate about a lot of aspects of makeup. My interests tended to end at whether my products worked and my face looked nice haha.

Although, saying this, there was a stage when I was interested in doing makeup as a career and since then I have always wanted my own set of makeup brushes.

Not having a clue what majority of the brushes in a large expensive set would do, I set my sights a little smaller, deciding to buy a couple of brushes, figuring out what they do, perfecting the technique and building myself a collection from there.

I was trawling through blogs looking for posts on which brushes were the best and the majority drew me to one conclusion - Real Techniques. So I got myself on the internet and found myself with this beautiful set in my basket.

Left to Right:

Contour Brush
Delicately applies highlighter to contour or create sheer, soft-focus finish

Pointed Foundation Brush
Use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage

Detailer Brush
Precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas; or, use with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition

Buffing Brush
Ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation

It even comes in a handy carry case which converts to a stand!!

I don't have much experience with beauty blogging but never have I ever got the finish on my makeup as flawless as I achieve when I use these brushes.

If you're ever in doubt as which brushes to choose as your first or even to bulk up your set definitely take a look at the Real Techniques collection.

I'm excited for pay day so that I can add to my collection!! :)

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Monday 17 February 2014

Can We Dance

I know since becoming a shop assistant at Clarks my 'Shoe-drobe' has grown quite considerably with the majority being bought after spending hours showing customers the catalogue.

After many a buy I think these are most likely my favourite pair to welcome into the family!!

Turquoise and Sterling Silver Earrings - Accessorize
Turquoise and Sterling Silver Ring - Accessorize
Cropped White Shirt - Vintage
Monochrome Graphic Print Jersey Trousers - Topshop

Thank you Pip for my photographs!!


Tuesday 11 February 2014

Lifestyle first - Meat Liquor

I am super excited as this is my first lifestyle post so I apologise in advance if it is horrendous as I had no idea what to write to the point where I had to Google - how embarrassing!

Not many people I know have heard of this restaurant and when I mentioned it I got a few odd looks, but this week I had my first trip to Meat Liquor (Meat Licker..)

I first heard of this restaurant through a friend who only had to mention cocktails and burgers and I was begging to go!!

American burger diner crossed with a British nightclub comes to mind with cool comic print interiors, strip lighting, loud music (quiet enough to talk, loud enough to keep it private), trays as plates and 'Burgerettes' instead of waitresses.

Speedy service meant that within minutes I was found a cocktail in front of me so choosing my burger took longer than normal..

The name couldn't be more perfect for this drink, couldn't have felt more on holiday drinking a cocktail than with the memories this provokes of my past two summers!!

They don't believe in plates at Meat Liquor and although this makes the dinner a bit more messy you tend to get swept along with the atmosphere that you don't tend to notice!!

The amount of different sides, burgers and cocktails on offer pulls this away from your regular burger chains!

And if your'e wondering what the weird shaped things are on the top left of the picture..


Life changer!!! I always find it weird when people don't like gherkins so I was so happy to find that not only are they in the burger but they even do them as a side!!

Only negative I can find is that they put mustard in all the burgers (bleurghh) but that is just personal opinion and I'm sure if I had realised earlier that could have been avoided!!

It's definitely worth checking them out but if you're going in a group I would advise booking as they're hot stuff and with there currently only being a couple in London and one found in my local Brighton they are likely to be busy!!


Monday 10 February 2014

Hey Julie

I had never heard of before a couple of weeks ago but its official that I am now converted!!
This leather look skirt is from them and it will be the first of many items appearing in my wardrobe!!

Many leather look items can feel and look cheap so I was thrilled when I unwrapped this as it feels like the real thing (you can see for yourself the quality).

The cut of the skirt means there is a slight draping making it very flattering and food baby friendly!!

As you can imagine I wouldnt normally wear tights with these heels but it was so blooming cold it was neccessary. It also looks like they are too small but I can guarntee that they do fit and the tights made my feet slip forwards!!

Mega Chunky Bobble Necklace - Accessorize
Silver Midi Rings - Asos Marketplace
Long Sleeve Stripe Top - Primark
Black Suede Block Heels - Clarks

Thank you Pip for my photos on such a disgusting day!!

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