Tuesday 11 February 2014

Lifestyle first - Meat Liquor

I am super excited as this is my first lifestyle post so I apologise in advance if it is horrendous as I had no idea what to write to the point where I had to Google - how embarrassing!

Not many people I know have heard of this restaurant and when I mentioned it I got a few odd looks, but this week I had my first trip to Meat Liquor (Meat Licker..)

I first heard of this restaurant through a friend who only had to mention cocktails and burgers and I was begging to go!!

American burger diner crossed with a British nightclub comes to mind with cool comic print interiors, strip lighting, loud music (quiet enough to talk, loud enough to keep it private), trays as plates and 'Burgerettes' instead of waitresses.

Speedy service meant that within minutes I was found a cocktail in front of me so choosing my burger took longer than normal..

The name couldn't be more perfect for this drink, couldn't have felt more on holiday drinking a cocktail than with the memories this provokes of my past two summers!!

They don't believe in plates at Meat Liquor and although this makes the dinner a bit more messy you tend to get swept along with the atmosphere that you don't tend to notice!!

The amount of different sides, burgers and cocktails on offer pulls this away from your regular burger chains!

And if your'e wondering what the weird shaped things are on the top left of the picture..


Life changer!!! I always find it weird when people don't like gherkins so I was so happy to find that not only are they in the burger but they even do them as a side!!

Only negative I can find is that they put mustard in all the burgers (bleurghh) but that is just personal opinion and I'm sure if I had realised earlier that could have been avoided!!

It's definitely worth checking them out but if you're going in a group I would advise booking as they're hot stuff and with there currently only being a couple in London and one found in my local Brighton they are likely to be busy!!



  1. Gosh I love this place so much! My uni is just round the corner so it is NOT good for my waistline!!!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

    1. Isn't it amazing!! Just walk there and you've already burnt some off!! ;) haha xo


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