Wednesday 27 May 2015

Monochrome Or Colours?

Are you an all-black-everything kind of gal, or do you lighten it up in the summer?

Black seems to have become many fashion bloggers 'uniform'. With Anna Wintour (she's fashion royalty don't ya know) claiming its something she would never do. I've often wondered whether I would enjoy a wardrobe without any colour. It would sure save time and effort when getting dressed as clashing colours would be a thing of the past. But then I thought how boring I find black and white television and decided that the monochrome life just wasn't for me.

So I try to steer clear of black, or at least the whole outfit affair. When the suns out and it starts to warm up I want to be in colours that remind me that its summer, that make me feel happy and that possibly let me pretend I'm in a foreign country for a little while.

But the weather caught me off guard, the forecast lied and it turned out that the sun did in fact have his hat on last weekend, so although I love this outfit, if I had had factual pre-warning there would have been splashes of colour and the summer, for me, would have started.

Gold Bar Necklace - Asos Marketplace
Texture Halter neck - Zara
Gold Peace Sign Ring - Rock N Rose


Thursday 21 May 2015

First Florals Of Summer

The weather over the last weekend was glorious, it was the first few days of the year where I could leave my cardigan and coat at home without majorly regretting my decision.

I'm one of those people who tend to be cold 90% of the time, so if you manage to get me in a sleeveless top, then its practically a heatwave. In celebration of the beautiful weather I whipped out my floral crop and got my summer on!!
(I even had ice cream on the beach..).

What makes you feel summery? Is it the usual suspects of sun and florals or something a bit different?

White Crystal Necklace - Zara

Sunday 17 May 2015

Where Do You Take Your Blog Photos?

 I've always loved other bloggers street style photos, taken whilst out and about, each one is always different and interesting.
I've often tried this style of photography, but around where I live I often failed to achieve the similar outcome I was hoping for.

Originally a little disheartened, I think 'hey there are plenty of other bloggers relying on a trusty brick wall or park for their photos' as, at the end of the day, the majority of the time its about the outfit rather than the location.
So I trundle back to the same little twitten by my house where I've been shooting for just over a year and strike my pose.

But every so often its nice to have a shake up and give things another go, so whilst visiting my boyfriends family in Eastbourne. I made the most of 'the sunniest place in the UK' and whipped my camera out.
(I can't say my boyfriend enjoyed being my photographer in public though..)

Where do you take your blog photos?
Do you like to mix it up or stick with a set location?

Beaded Necklace - Zara
Asymmetric Long Sleeve Top - Missguided
Leigh Skinny Jeans - Topshop
Low-rise Converse - Schuh

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Thursday 14 May 2015

Calling all Print and Pattern phobes..

If you're the type of person who doesn't like to wear or mix any prints/patterns and are more comfortable with a little hint here and there, then I hear ya! Up until recently, I was you!

One morning, by accident, I suddenly realised I could mix different prints together without being offensive to the eyes, the key here is to be clever about it.

There are so many different types of prints these days, and I still tend to go for a subtler look, by mixing one printed and colourful piece with one of a solid colour. You may be thinking, 'How does that constitute a print?!' but it doesn't all have to be abstract imagery and a mirage of colour, its so simple to create patterns through stitch and texture that you don't have to confine yourself to what you originally thought made up a print.

See below, I am a full on daisy, but due to fabric choice and some clever stitching I don't look like I've been attacked by a flower show.. 

Unless you are outrageously confident and/or daring, I keep the look grounded by choosing simpler shoes and accessories, but by no mean does it need to be a neutral!!

Sheer Floral Blouse - Topshop
Long Chain Drop Pendant - Asos
Burgundy Bow Pumps - Clarks


Monday 11 May 2015

Benefit My Life

When you think of the make-up giants, Benefit is up there, 'Bene-Babes across the country are rejoicing in their witchcraft..

I have pores (well, duh..) but I mean visible without magnification, bane of my make-up covered life sized pores
 For the first time in my life, using The Porefessional, I'm encouraging people to get that close to my face to see if they can see them, and unless you whip out the X2 magnification you're having to struggle!
Its a matte, oil free cream that's so lightweight it just glides over the skin. You can wear it over, under or without make-up and you don't feel like you've just used a trowel to apply anything!

I can't lie, I'm not convinced. Don't get me wrong, I want to love this so badly, but when I use Watt's Up it seems to change the consistency of my foundation to something I am not loving. I am yet to try this with a different foundation so I can't point the finger just yet and I must say the colour is a gorgeously delicate champagne, and with a pearlescent sheen I want to be covering my face in this for days. I'm not loosing hope and as soon as I swap foundations this will be whipped straight back out and given another go!!

Love. Love. LOVE.
I don't want to blow my own trumpet but I am extremely proud of my eyebrows, what they lack in colour (they're nearly blonde) they make up for in shape and all round fabness. I won't just use any old thing on them and it originally took some convincing to mix something else in with my old faithful mac eye shadows but my gosh Brow-Zings has well and truly knocked the competition out the park.
I hadn't used a wax before but it helps define the shape and paired with the powder to set the colour it has staying power both on my face and in my heart!

Another absolute fave. I can't believe I went so long without They're Real Mascara in my life. One coat creates a good base cover for your lashes if you're wanting a more subtle look for the day, but apply another coat or two and you're off to the dance floor within seconds. With staying power that lasts all day, if you want to do anything for your make-up bag this month, then check this out!

I'm a bit confused by the They're Real Push-Up Liner, I understand its meant to be a gel and I love the lash hugging approach but after watching the feature video on the Benefit Page mine just doesn't seem to be like that, its more of a solid consistency than theirs appear to be and if I go back along the line I've originally drawn it rubs itself off..
I'm persevering to see whether the consistency changes after a few more uses but has anyone else found this with theirs?!

Seriously, how cute is this packaging?!

I can't and won't choose a favourite.
Hoola being the only bronzer in the palette gets dished out every day but its the perfect build-able colour, especially for some one like me who tends to be on the whiter end of the spectrum..
I see the blushes like personalities, who you wake up as that day will depend on what one you wear, Bellabamba for a pinch me cheek or Dandelion if you want more of a spring flush.

I have issues with my lips, it doesn't matter how much I moisturise or exfoliate, my lips are always rough, sore and cracking so I don't enjoy lipsticks as I am never happy with the finished look. Lollitint is the first lip stain I've ever tried and I must say, I'm converted. The product works with your lips not against them, giving an even cover, not accentuating the ugly and if I need an extra layer of lipsalve on top, it doesn't budge!
I must note that it is not as vibrant as it appears in the bottle, but as with anything, the more you apply the more vibrant it gets!

It's safe to say I now class myself as a 'Bene-Babe',
I feel like I should be sitting here doing a 'Bene (brownie) honour'.


Thursday 7 May 2015

Next To You

Want to try something new?

Go and borrow something from someone else's wardrobe!!

I'm all for borrowing clothes, I think it's an amazing way to reinvent yourself and your wardrobe, without having to spend lots of money, and if its with your friends its a super easy way to have a catch up and some fun!

You're also very likely to get some new style ideas too. Watching someone else style up something you love can open your eyes to trends you've over looked or never even tried!!

I wonder how long it will take my boyfriend to realise I've borrowed his top..

Leaf Print Tee - River Island (Boyfriends)
Felt Zip Front Skirt - Missguided
Platform Sandals - Public Desire

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Tuesday 5 May 2015

Charity Ball in Aid of St Peter & St James

This weekend I had the privilege of attending a charity ball in aid of St Peter and St James Hospice and Continuing Care Centre, to raise the vital funds constantly needed to help families in need.

The hard work and determination of the ladies who put this night together is truly inspiring.
The venue, atmosphere, dining, raffle and auctions, were faultless and I feel lucky to have been able to attended the evening in dedication for such an uplifting cause.

Their mission is to provide those who visit them and their families with the support, compassion and hope necessary to ensure they live the best quality of life towards the end or whilst they battle with life's struggles.

They hope to help anyone facing death or bereavement with the expert care, knowledge and understanding that they have become known for.

The entire hospice and the services they provide are free of charge to all who use it and due to only 14% of funding being given by the government, they rely heavily on the community and events like the Charity Ball to allow them to continue with their work.

In real numbers, they have to raise £2.6 million every year, that's £7,200 every single day.

I don't think there are any better excuses to get dressed up and spend some money than for charity!

Oversized Pink Coat - Primark
Cross Front Maxi Dress - Asos
Sterling Silver Fine Bangle Bracelet - Asos
Slogan Clutch - Zara
Block Heels (Susie Deva) - Clarks

If you would like to help this amazing charity continue with their life changing work then please follow the link below to their donation page, or if you would rather take a trip to one of their local shops and pick yourself up some second hand pieces then follow the second link to see where they are..

Online Donations Page
Charity Shops

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