Wednesday 27 May 2015

Monochrome Or Colours?

Are you an all-black-everything kind of gal, or do you lighten it up in the summer?

Black seems to have become many fashion bloggers 'uniform'. With Anna Wintour (she's fashion royalty don't ya know) claiming its something she would never do. I've often wondered whether I would enjoy a wardrobe without any colour. It would sure save time and effort when getting dressed as clashing colours would be a thing of the past. But then I thought how boring I find black and white television and decided that the monochrome life just wasn't for me.

So I try to steer clear of black, or at least the whole outfit affair. When the suns out and it starts to warm up I want to be in colours that remind me that its summer, that make me feel happy and that possibly let me pretend I'm in a foreign country for a little while.

But the weather caught me off guard, the forecast lied and it turned out that the sun did in fact have his hat on last weekend, so although I love this outfit, if I had had factual pre-warning there would have been splashes of colour and the summer, for me, would have started.

Gold Bar Necklace - Asos Marketplace
Texture Halter neck - Zara
Gold Peace Sign Ring - Rock N Rose


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