Monday 1 June 2015

Sew It Yourself

How many of you have picked up a needle and thread or sat at a sewing machine and made something for yourself?
I'm guessing not many...

Think of that overwhelming feeling of happiness when you walk into Zara or Topshop and spot something that you must have in your wardrobe.
Imagine being able to make that item yourself.
That feeling is 100x greater.

Countless times I've heard people saying they would love to give it a try but wouldn't want to spend the money on a machine, but these days you don't need to! Grab your fabric and pattern and head down to a local sewing class, many will have master classes and the perfect machines ready for beginners to jump straight on and get sewing!

The first item I ever sewed was an a-line skirt which I stole from my nanny's wardrobe (you can find it here). Once I had the basics down I couldn't believe how easy it was to adapt pieces I already owned or start afresh and create something unique.

If classes aren't your thing, then hop on the internet, in the generation of bloggers, you won't struggle to find 'how to guides'!

White Cropped Waistcoat - Handmade
Floral Camisole - Handmade
Black Suede Courts - New Look


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  1. I love making my own clothes - I just love your cami! You should check out my post on - it has my handmade accessories on it :) xxx


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