Tuesday 12 January 2016

When Life Stresses You Out..

Life is stressful. Maybe not 24/7 but I can guarantee that at one point or another you feel the need to scream into a pillow.. Recently with a mix of exams, illness and general life struggles I've felt my stress levels rising but I'm finding ways to overcome this and thought I would share my tips on the chance that it might just help you too..


Breathing techniques seem to be as old as the sun when it comes to stress relief, and whilst I have 'breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth' ingrained into my brain, only one technique works to calm me down. I count to ten, no higher, and then start back at the beginning, breathing in on the odds and out on the evens, saying the numbers in my head with each breathe, and if you realise your brain has wandered from the numbers then you go back to one and start again. My theory as why this works for me, is that breathing is a natural instinct, you do it without thinking so even when I try to concentrate on breathing I get distracted and my brain continues in overdrive to where my mind is stressing. When I add in the counting I have to concentrate on something else. Through practice, before I even get to 10, my anxiety just fades away!


I appear to be a mess collector, and when my room looks like its been hit by a bomb I feel instant anxiety when I enter it. There's too much to look at and not because its pretty. Your bedroom should be a relaxing place, a place where you can unwind and get a peaceful nights sleep, but you're not going to feel restful if you're surrounded by clutter and can barely see the floor (it's called a floordrobe..). Pick an area and tackle it head on, create piles for rubbish, recycling and charity.
Not only can you improve your own environment but you can look after the planet and good causes at the same time!


One of my new resolutions for 2016 is to fill my room with plants and fresh flowers. Everyone knows that plants produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, and although I highly doubt that would make an actual difference to the levels in your room, I like to imagine that they could, and that instantly makes me feel like I'm doing something good for myself! Flowers and plants just make me feel happy. They're a reminder that there is such beauty in the world which I'll miss if I don't take the time to enjoy what's around me! 


Try playing with smells, whether its a new perfume, room spray, candles or freshly washed bedding. Your sense of smell is such a powerful thing and you should put it to use. Find a smell that reminds you of  memories you had forgotten, places you've been or that just remind of you a beautiful summer day. I find I connect smells to things so easily. A perfume I bought over 5 years ago still reminds me of a wonderful family holiday to Lanzarote, which instantly fills me with joy! Give it a try!


I would love to hear if you decide to give any of these tips a try!


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