Friday 29 January 2016

My Top 5 Hair Care Products

I have suffered a life long battle with my hair but I'm on a mission to get rid of the frizzy mess I have come to know.
I give all my thanks to (my two best friends who happen to be hairdressers and) the products below..


Bain Fluidealiste (Discipline) - Kerastase
Goodbye unruly hair. Stating fluidity, shine and anti-frizz this shampoo leaves my locks silky soft after just one wash. It's full of Morpho Keratine, nourishing your hair from the inside out and even providing a barrier against the pesky humidity. Being extremely concentrated you need to use it sparingly, I didn't to begin with and 'hello greasy hair'. A pea sized amount is all you need, mixed with generous amounts of water to get it to a thick lather.
It is part of a three step programme which I personally don't use as with my level of frizz the shampoo was perfect on its own but if you only have to walk outside and your hairs are on end then I would definitely recommend the whole treatment!


Miracle Recharge Take The Heat Conditioning Spray - Aussie
I am horrified when I recall the days of styling my hair without protection. I never bothered to use it yet I still complained when the split ends were showing up. Not only does this protect my hair from the heat and condition it at the same time but like with all Aussie products, it smells absolutely incredible too! One more reason I want to visit down under!


Wellaflex Silvikrin - Wella
I like to think of this hairspray as Elnette's younger sister. For the small price tag it does a blooming good job! I used to see people using hair spray and think what the point was but it turns out I was wrong. The volume you can create with just one product is brilliant yet it brushes out after just a few strokes making it such a versatile product!


Tangle Teezer
Long gone are the days I would tug at my hair desperately trying to get through my tangles, its so speedy that brushing my hair, especially when wet, is no longer the longest part of my routine. I managed to nab myself the limited edition pink and white but there's a different colour to suit every personality. It's also doubles up as a FAB and gentle head scratcher..


Power Tame 16 Intense Straightening Balm - Redken
Before I discovered my Kerastase shampoo this upped my straightening game on so many levels, and even through changing the other parts of my routine this stays a firm favourite tipping my style over the edge to give me that poker straight finish!


Do you have any 'can't live without' hair care products?

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