Wednesday 28 June 2017

Party In The Front, Business In The Back

It wasn't until this top fell onto my doorstep that I realised, all of my clothes are beautiful in the front but pretty darn plain from the back. Whenever I'm shopping, unless the site has made a feature of the back of an item and made it a main image, I honestly don't go further than what the front looks like and whether it works for me.. Yet whenever I put on an outfit, I do a little twirl, I do a little pose, and I check it out from every angle. The fact my back has been lacking in a bit of summin' summin', I've never noticed before.

I choose the clothes I buy and the outfits I put together for me, but I also want other people to enjoy what I'm wearing. That's one of the great things about fashion, but when you think about the amount of people that see my outfit from behind everyday, they're missing out on the best half of my outfit.

Now I've opened up my own eyes and realised firstly, what an awful shopper I've been - who doesn't look at the back of items before they buy them?? - And secondly, that I want more pieces like this top in my wardrobe, that really do look fab from every angle, as items like these do half the work for you.

Khaki Suedette Cork Block Heeled Sandals - New Look

Have you been making any shopping 'mistakes'?


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