Saturday 29 April 2017

Come With Me To Northern Italy

Italy has always been my number one destination in Europe that I have wanted to visit. Full of beautiful cities, towns and lakes, it's an endless journey of beauty, exploration and carbs.

This getaway, we wanted more than just a city centre and a metro line, we wanted to experience Italian life, the people and the culture, so we chose to visit Lake Garda. Nestled beneath the mountains of northern Italy, it might not have had the heat we had hoped for but it didn't disappoint on the sunshine or views.

We stayed in a cute little apartment on the southern side of the lake, on the outskirts of Peschiera Del Garda. With the lake shore as our back garden, the views of the mountains from across the water were incredible, with the most beautifully clear mornings and vibrant sunsets, the clouds rolled off the mountains at night, just as the lights along the hills opposite started to light up like fairy lights, it's a view I could have sat and stared at for hours. The town itself was small in centre, a place you could stroll for an hour or stop for some food, equally as beautiful as all the places we went, just without the activity needed to lose a day there.


Further along the lakes shore rises a spit, mounted high at the end is a castle and the walled town of Sirmione. Although we had intended to drive here, bank holiday traffic had other plans, so instead we had a very long but scenic coastal walk to this beautiful view point. There's a very rich stall holder at the castle gates, his table overflowing with fresh lemonade and multicoloured fruit pots (why do these things always taste so much more incredible when abroad??). I wouldn't advise visiting the castle hoping for a history lesson of this little town or monument as the Italians don't seem to like their information unlike us Brits, but one thing it can promise is wonderful views across the lake and the area! Crammed full of incredible ice cream parlours and pizzerias, the town is a maze of good food.


When we decided we were going to Italy, travelling up a mountain wasn't what I first had in mind but after a few days of staring at our spectacular view across the lake, curiosity got the better of us and we had to see what it was like from the top. A trip in two cable cars later and we were in the midst of a freezing wind stood atop Monte Baldo. The view was incredible, with visibility for miles, no picture does the sights justice, it was spectacular. Snow capped peaks just metres above lush greenery and calm waters, it was a little spot of peace above a bustling, lively town.



We finished our trip with a nod towards a city break, a day trip into Verona. My first stop had to be Juliet's balcony. As a romantic, I love the stories of people flocking there to leave love letters hoping their wishes will come true, although the notes are no longer allowed to be stuck on the heritage site, the bronze Juliet statue is still something to be seen. Polished gold by the hands of people rubbing the lady in hope her energy will rub off on to them. True story or not, its still a magical one!
Verona has a main square 'Piazza Bra' with it's magnificent amphitheatre, park area, shops, restaurants and endless side streets. It's a vast space that feels brimming with energy and life. If you wandered for hours in this city I feel you would never be done, just continuously discovering more..


Five days was no where  near enough for discovering all the parts of the region we had hoped to visit, safe to say I already have a substantial list ready for our next trip to Italy!

Have you been anywhere new recently?


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