Sunday 28 May 2017

Battling Early Wrinkles With Makeup Remover

I arrived late to the skin care party, and I feel a bit shameful every morning, when I'm putting on my makeup, as the years of makeup wipes have left their mark.

I used makeup wipes that weren't soft enough, or moist enough, so my skin got rubbed and pulled and my delicate eye area has paid the price. I am twenty two and I have wrinkles. No amount of primer or baking can get rid of those crevices and they're really ruining my makeup vibes.
I've been on a desperate hunt over the last few months to remove my eye makeup with the least amount of effort or pressure, and I think I've found myself the one with Clinique talk the day off balm.

Now there may be some of you thinking but that's not specifically for your eyes, and this may be true, but my eyes are a little on the sensitive side, and they still get along with this cleansing balm like best friends for life.

The balm turns into an oil on contact with your face, meaning your fingers just glide over the surface lifting off your makeup, instead of pulling your skin with it, exactly what I need. I like to let the product sit on my eyelashes for a few moments, before smoothing it away gently was a pure cotton muslin cloth.
My go-to eye look is layers and layers of mascara and this always needs a bit more time to break down.

I know lines on my face will be inevitable, I already have faint ones around the sides of my mouth but they're laughter lines as I'm just too damn smiley.. but the pesky ones under my lower lash lines are bold, leaving me looking constantly tired and touching up my creased makeup.

Now I have my cleansing balm, all I need is the gold star of anti-ageing eye creams and I'll be onto a winning combination!
If you have any suggestions, please send them my way!!

Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm - Clinique
Cotton Muslin Cloths - Liz Earle


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