Saturday 3 June 2017

Who Run The World?

Who run the world? I love my new top for obvious reasons, but I'm beginning to have an issue with it..

I haven't been feeling the sisterhood recently, the solidarity. How can we run the world if there's girls out there too busy trying to steal each others thunder. If we don't stand in solidarity, how do we expect to overcome the bigger problems still facing women and girls in today's society?

Girls are notoriously bitchy, its almost a known fact, one which I hate. Why has this become a thing that we acknowledge and accept? Why do we spend our lives letting ourselves be used for a leg up, knowing full well they're not going to help pull you up to their level? Why are people pretending to be friends with smiles on their faces, with knives hidden ready for when backs are turned?
We're tearing one another down to make ourselves feel better, when we should be lifting each other up, being each others cheerleaders. We need to stop being so obsessed with drama, being selfish and self obsessed and be thankful for our own accomplishments.

I want to know when giving your friends compliments and praise become such a weird thing and insults and 'banter' became the norm. Belittling someone with a nonchalant comment and passing it off as a joke, is not what woman should be doing to each other. We're putting down others without even realising it and inviting others to do the same. We should be singing each others praises, boosting those self esteems and putting smiles on faces.

Sure enough I was lead to this post by getting fed up with constantly being faced with this behaviour, something which I'm no longer going to just accept. I'm going to make a point of showing people how they're acting and hopefully in turn force them to become part of a kinder community.
I want women to feel good about themselves, to feel empowered, and to feel like they can run the world.

We're forces to be reckoned with and if we all stick together just imagine what we can achieve..

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If you know someone who's been letting the sisterhood down lately then send them this way and hopefully something will strike a chord!

Who run the world?


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