Sunday 26 April 2015

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Me and high necks have always stayed at arms length from each other. 
This isn't through a fashion concious choice, quite the opposite, I've always loved the style but the style, until now, hasn't loved me!

It may sound irrational but for me high necks have always reminded me of a collar (and not the fashionable kind).
Tight, restrictive, scratchy. I'm unable to relax as the motion of swallowing or talking is restrained and amplified and its presence is unbearable.

My breakthrough?
The material.

This top is definitely there on my neck, I can feel it but its so soft and giving that instead of raising discomfort I am confident in the fact, I can finally achieve a look that I've loved from a far for many years!

If like me, your wary of these volatile creatures, then I plead with you to go and have a hunt for a new type of fabric and give them a go!!

High Neck Split Back Jumper - Mango
Gold Bar Necklace - Asos Marketplace
Slip Dress - Asos
Orange Belt - Vintage


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