Thursday 30 April 2015


These are the most loved pair of trousers living in my wardrobe, but ever since the day of their purchase I've had a problem..

What shoes do I wear with them?!

Heels I had covered, white and silver pairs worked amazingly for going out but when it came to flats, I was lost.

 What colour do I go for? Navy? Pink? White? Silver?
Even narrowed down to four colours it was a mine field of its own.

There are so many different shades of navy and sitting so close to the trousers the difference was obvious.
The silver's were far too shiny for my liking. Where can you find a matte silver shoe these days?!
White and pink, I was at a dead end with, I couldn't find a style I liked. 

I had all but given up until I was part way through making my sixth Asos order that month.. (I kept finding things after I had paid) and I stumbled across the beauties below, they might not work in winter as they're half sandal, half shoe but I'll worry about that in another seven months!! 


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