Thursday 6 March 2014


I love a good playsuit and this Topshop one is no exception, I bought it last year after seeing it the previous summer, falling in love and regretted not snapping it up sooner. No matter what the trends say, in my eyes, acid wash denim will never go out of style.

I knew I was pale but didn't realise how much so until I saw the light reflecting off me in this post, the fake tan is definitely being whipped out tonight!!

I would just like to say here, if you're considering wearing a playsuit clubbing, DON'T DO IT!! Being a bit worse for wear mixed with an all in one is not a good combination! Take it from experience..

Acid Wash Denim Playsuit - Topshop
Geometric Body Chain Harness - Rock N' Rose
Silver Midi Rings - Asos Marketplace
Turquoise Sterling SIlver Ring - Accessorize
Leather Pumps - Next

Thank you to Pip for the photographs!! :)



  1. I have had way too many bad experiences of playsuits combined with club toilets and yet I still insist on wearing them on nights out. I guess I'll never learn!

  2. Awesome look <3
    Nice pics too

  3. i love playsuits and this one is super cute but your warning is so true, they don't mix with club toilets! they're nowhere near as bad as those bodysuits with all the little buttons mind....

  4. I really like your necklace!!! :-) Oh just realized it's a body harness, wow.



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