Thursday 4 December 2014


If I could have a wardrobe full of leather jackets I would.

I can't believe I didn't own one until last winter, what had I been doing with my life!?
If you're still trailing behind on the leather front then you must go.. GO NOW!!

Everywhere is stocked high with leather jackets this time of year. If you have the money to invest in real leather then its a definite must but if not I wouldn't worry, there are so many imitations on the high street that you'll be the only one who knows!!

Metallic Statement Necklace - Zara
Structured Leather Jacket - Zara
Oversized Lilac Shirt - New Look
Leigh Skinny Jeans - Topshop
Leather Look Cut Out Boots - New Look



  1. This outfit is killer, I love it I'd wear it all the time! You look fabulous, great post!

    1. Thanks honey, this jacket is definitely one of my favourites!! xo


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