Sunday 19 July 2015

50mm dream..

I recently turned 21, and got some wonderful presents!

One of these fabulous gifts was from my darling boyfriend, a brand new lens for my second love, my camera. 

I've had my camera for a little while now, about three years, but until recently I had only ever had the one lens, and I was pretty happy with that, until I decided I wanted to step my blog up a notch. I began trawling through other blog's to see what they were doing that I wasn't and whether there was anything I could improve on.

 I noticed a trend, photographs with a dreamy background blurred to perfection, which focused all your attention onto the main subject. I was missing this. Obviously my camera focuses on what you choose it to, but the blur was nowhere near this level, so I delved a little deeper and discovered that a 50mm lens was what I needed in my life.

My birthday post was actually the first outfit I did with my new lens and I fell in love instantly (even my boyfriend had fun experimenting with it).

Now, I have got a main point behind this post, rather than just showing off my new gadget. When our friends asked what my boyfriend was getting me for my birthday, they couldn't understand what the 50mm could do that my old lens couldn't, as far as they knew all lenses focused on one point and that was that, so I decided to photograph a couple of items with both lenses to show the difference...

This first one is with my original lens, as you can see there's blurring but everything is still quite clear.
Now look at the next photo..

As you can see there's quite a difference!

I feel that the flower and leaves show it slightly clearer. in the second image the leaves just blur into  mass of colour rather than their shapes..

And finally, an actual blog photo..

It brings the subject forward and I love the effect it has on my photos, this is something I wish i had discovered months ago, but better late than never I guess!!

Have you had a recent discovery that will improve your blog? Let me know!


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