Tuesday 1 March 2016

Beauty Review: Skin Republic Sheet Masks

My skin has taken a bit of a nose dive recently. My face is red and oily on my T-zone, and dry everywhere else, my body included. So I was desperately hoping these little packets from Skin Republic would give me the boost my body so badly needed!

I've never used sheet masks before so this was a very strange experience. I've not included photos of myself demonstrating the mask as I look like a slightly less murderous Hannibal Lecter, yet still pretty scary (and hilarious)!

The masks were a lot wetter than I expected and in hindsight the bathroom would have been a better place to apply them as my laptop did not appreciate the splattering..


The CoQ10+ Caviar mask is meant to revitalise and nourish your skin, enhance and protect your skins elasticity and reduce redness, win win.
This is a product recommended to be used once or twice a month, so in terms of my skins appearance I didn't notice an obvious difference after use but it definitely felt moisturised, refreshed and the tightness had gone!


Hand Repair and Foot Repair both claim to be intensely moisturising containing Shea Butter and many other natural ingredients. All being 20 minute long treatments, you'll have wonderfully soft and smooth hands and feet in no time! Just make sure you wipe off the bottom of your feet because if you make any sudden movements, you might go sliding like I did! Again these products suggest once or twice a month to reap the benefits!

I've never been one to pay as much attention as I should to my body's moisture levels and your face, hands and feet feel the effects most. If all I need from now on is 20 minutes once or twice a month to replenish my bodies moisture levels then I'm going to be coming back to these masks time and time again!



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