Monday 20 June 2016

Life Update: We Have A Puppy..

When I was three, my parents bought me a little toy West Highland Terrier, that day they made a big mistake. For the last 19 years I have relentlessly wanted a Westie, and after making many excuses, they eventually ran out!

Countless months, phone calls and emails later, on a day of coincidences I got an email from the Kennel Club saying a new litter was available! Fast forward three weeks and I finally had my Rosie Dog!

She is the most adorable bundle of joy and so full of personality but I can't lie and say the last couple of months have been easy, because they've been an awful lot harder than any of us expected and there are definitely no instructions for this!

If anyone wanting a dog takes any advice, I would say research until your fingers fall off! How big they get, how much exercise they will need, personality traits and training methods - not all of them will work for your dog but you'll find something that fits!

Terriers are renowned for being strong minded little pickles and Rosie has definitely lived up to that but day by day she's getting better!!

I'm so excited for the coming years and watching my puppy become a dog, she's grown so much already..


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