Wednesday 15 March 2017

Stuck In My Winter Wardrobe

Spring seems to have sprung, and with some force. The blossom is out, the daffodils have lifted their heads and on a few occasions I've seen some questionable people in just t shirts and shorts..

But I seem to be retreating back into Winter like a lost little hermit crab. Looks might be deceiving but Spring is in fact my favourite time of year - my tweets about blossom are never ending - but it feels that this time round, Spring has snuck up on me a little too fast, and although Winter felt like a never ending slog, I'm not quite sure if I'm ready to get up on the starting blocks for the new season just yet.

When the colour black and limb covering items have held the majority stakes in your wardrobe for nearly six months, the prospect of hanging these items up for prints, colours and bare skin can be quite daunting. I love all of these things usually, and any other year my wardrobe would already be brimming, over flowing almost with new season pieces both trend following and investment but this year, the new season excitement seems to be hiding.

It isn't through lack of trying, I've attempted to shop online, and there are so many options, maybe too many, that the pieces that could change my whole mindset are lost in a sea of webpages..
I think my solution to this problem is to do what I haven't done in a very long time, and actually go to the shops, wander around, pick things up, try things on and cut out the endless scrolling and week long waits for the postman!

Cold Shoulder Top - Next
Gun Metal Belt - Newlook
Black Jeans - Topshop
Red Ankle Boots - Clarks

Are you excited for Spring?
Have you left your Winter wardrobe behind yet?


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