Saturday 8 April 2017

Putting Colour Back In My Cheeks

I stopped wearing blusher quite a number of years ago.. I have mild rosacea, leaving my cheeks red and pigmented which no matter how hard I tried, none of the regular foundations or concealers would fully cover. Back in the day, highlighter and bronzer weren't a very big thing, honestly, I don't think highlighter even existed in college so I always thought blusher was a must yet when I tried to add a splash of colour to the apples of my cheeks it always merged into two big unsightly patches, so from then on blusher was a no go, something to be avoided.

Colour wasn't something to be added to my skin, I was in a constant battle to take it away!

Over the last few weeks I've been making lots of makeup discoveries, including the wonderful world of colour correcting (which you can read here). It's been eye opening, and I'm thrilled with the results. Being able to do my makeup without layering on concealer like I used to and still having a better finish has been amazing. But then I started to look in the mirror and thought I looked a bit grey, a bit flat and basically colour less. I had avoided blusher for so longer, I had forgotten about the impact and the difference it can make to your whole face and how draining it can be on a complexion when you take all the colour away.

It turns out, once I had my base right, blusher was not something to be avoided, it puts life back in your cheeks, it's the difference between looking healthy and not. It boosts your complexion and gives you such a glow even without the highlighter!!

Of the trio, I find blusher much easier to apply than bronzer and highlighter, I start with a little and buff softly on the tops of the cheeks.
I get carried away with the other two and it always ends up a bit all or nothing..

Is blusher part of your makeup routine?


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