Saturday 11 January 2014

B. Beautiful

I was recently shopping for a mascara when as usual I got distracted by an unnecessary desire for new lipsticks and nail varnishes and this is when I discovered B. cosmetics:

It's also cruelty free, paraban free and even suitable for vegans and vegetarians!!

The brand sounds pretty good but the lipsticks are even better!! 

As I wasn't supposed to be shopping for lipsticks I managed to restrain myself to only two -
Tangelo and Watermelon.

As the names suggest Tangelo is a more orange and coral based lipstick whereas Watermelon is a bright pink hue!

I can definitely say that of the lipsticks I have tried this range is the most moisturising!! It doesn't dry or crack my lips leaving me with a need for lip balm.
It glides on incredibly smoothly and gives such an intense colour pop if applied to both lips! If you're looking for a more subdued look, applying to one lip and blending across gives the perfect coverage for a colour hit without being too loud!!

Some people reserve the bright lipsticks for summer days but I feel that if you get the right tone they can be perfect for your winter skin as well so I will be wearing these throughout the year making them my lipstick must haves!!

This is my first ever beauty post so I apologise if it is horrendous!!
If you have any feedback on how I can improve and whether I should include anything else in the future then please let me know!!

Thank you for reading!!



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