Sunday 5 January 2014

Get Out My Head

I was so excited to finally have a sunny day to do a shoot on only for it to cause havoc with the lighting! I've done my best to improve the brightness levels but I do apologise if they're not great!! 

I love the colour of this midi skirt and the fit up to the knees, but I have now decided that the way it bags below the knee due to the shape annoys me so I think in future I will be choosing midi skirts that end a bit higher to avoid this!!

I have wanted a cropped long sleeve top for ages and the fact I found a stripey one made it even better! The majority of my skirts and shorts are high waisted meaning cropped tops are perfect for me!!

Thank you again to Pip!!



  1. Lovely outfit! Love the skirt so much, Love that colour! xx

    1. Thank you sweet!! Burgundy is my favourite!! :) xo


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