Monday 6 January 2014

My January Wishlist - Part Two..

This post was supposed to be published two days ago but after work and then hosting a surprise birthday party I had organised for my friend there was just no time to write it so it is up today instead!!

I thought I would split my wishlist into two posts, posting my clothing wishlist last Thursday with my accessories wishlist today.

Again I'm unsure why the quality of the images has deteriorated but as soon as I can find a replacement or a solution they will be replaced!!

From Left to Right:

I am a massive fan of statement necklaces with them being a part of the majority of my blog posts, I feel they give the perfect finishing touch to the majority of outfits that need that extra something!! As usual I'm already looking towards the summer with this pastel beauty heading straight for my jewellery box!!

A flower crown is the perfect holiday and festival accessory. Keeping your hair out your face and avoiding your necklace clashing you teeth scenario without having to compromise on style! I am currently loving anything burgundy and the fact this flower crown is super cute roses makes me love it even more!! 

I think these are the cutest flats ever. Simple yet chic at the same time. So gorgeous I couldn't decide which colour was my favourite so I decided to post all three!!

I don't own a watch but if I did it would be this kind of style!! I love the large watch face and the gold is the perfect shade (I really hate yellow gold). I think chunky straps are more my thing but I am yet to find out if a non adjustable strap will work with skinny wrists - can anyone let me know?

Unfortunately I am yet to find a midi ring that actually fit my fingers, although I am blessed with slim hands this causes a major problem with all midi rings fitting like a normal one!!! I think the shape of these rings are adorable and I am hoping that the shape of them will mean they will stay up my fingers!! I love silver and gold depending on my mood and outfit so of course I would need to purchase both of these rings!!

These Asos heels are the perfect way of working metallics into an outfit. True metal colours work perfectly as a fun alternative to your usual neutrals allowing you to add some excitement to your outfit. these are absolutely brilliant as a party piece!!

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