Tuesday 7 October 2014

Beauty Review: Malin + Goetz


Everyday my beauty regimen revolves around negotiating with dry skin which looks anything but vibrant and chapped lips that are begging for moisture.

I recently received my magazine subscription through the post with some little treasures inside, I had never heard of this company before so I was a little weary of how the products would be but I was pleasantly surprised.

The design is bold and informs you straight away what it is your using but I feel that the tubes themselves aren't overly practical as when you get towards the end, it is a bit of a struggle to get out any of the product. This could be because they're testers but even so I do not not believe in wasting quality!

I don't know if my body has become reliant on lip salve but I can no longer leave the house without one so I was delighted to receive one in this package.
The Lip Moisturiser is a clear gel with a consistency that goes on smoothly. I would say as lip salves go its lasts a rather long time which is beneficial for the amount I normally have to reapply, and with no smell or taste I am really impressed!

I will admit that I never used to use a face cleanser, I was just too lazy but that changed when I received the Grapefruit Face Cleanser. It first started as a regular routine purely because this cleanser smells amazing but then I actually started noticing a difference and it had me hooked!! Again its a smooth clear gel that begins to foam once lathered with water, its gentle on the skin whilst still leaving you feeling refreshed!

This Vitamin E Face Moisturiser looks like your average, white with a creamy consistency. Again like the lip salve it is wonderfully moisturising and glides easily over the skin. The only fault with this product is I'm not so keen on the smell, I cant think of a smell I can liken it too but when I apply it I just can't help but think it smells 'funky'. Other than that its a top notch moisturiser and the smell can definitely be lived with!

It terms of pricing, the brand is on the higher end of many you will find on your high street but you are paying for quality, and as less is needed the product will go further!!

As this is an American brand the links provided are to a UK Stockist but if you want to have a look at their website for all the information on the company and products then the link is below!



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