Sunday 12 July 2015

Barcelona - Part One

Last week was a very exciting time, not only was it my 21st birthday (you can see what I wore here) but the next day I jetted off to Barcelona for four days with my lovely boyfriend.

I had wonderful plans of doing blog outfits each day, but once I got there it was a different story, in 36 degree heat, it takes a lot to look good, and sadly, I just couldn't pull it off..
But, I have recreated the outfits once I had returned to the lower temperatures of the great British summer. Alongside this I've got snippets of my trip so that if you haven't been, you can see a snapshot of Barcelona for yourself!

We had an early morning flight so that we could make the most of our first day there (this didn't go to plan..), but my god was it painful! By the time we had arrived, ran around like tourists trying to work out which train to get and checked into our hotel it was well gone lunchtime and we were starving, grabbing a quick bite to eat we began our exploration.

This is where I admit that I don't have many pictures from the first day, tired and overwhelmed I was busy looking more with my eyes than with my camera, so its a snippet compared to my future posts!

We found ourselves on las ramblas, one of the main streets in Barcelona, which led straight down to the harbour. With glorious views out to sea, we sat at a restaurant overlooking the mouth of the port and watched boats come in and out before strolling round further to find where the boats were moored.
(And the biggest boats, all British..)

 Being horrendous holidaymakers we ended our first day here and headed back to our hotel for the earliest night I've had since I was 12!!

Sunglasses - Asos
Gold Bar Necklace - Asos Marketplace
Frill Tie Back Cami - Topshop
Belted Shorts - Asos
Peep toe Pumps - Asos


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