Wednesday 8 July 2015

Wishlist: A Day to Night Summer Outfit

I'm a massive believer of picking multifunctional, transitional pieces. Statement items that can completely overhaul a look yet are practical enough to slide into your wardrobe like they've been there since it was first built.

For my second wishlist I've created an outfit that can take you from day to night for those lazy summer days where its too sunny to spend ages working out what to wear!

Waterfall Spike Necklace - Missy Empire
Tribal, boho, punk, can you fit many more styles in just a necklace? Statement necklaces are my thing and when they round of a whole range of outfits then even better. From hardening up a cute summer look, to stepping up an edgier festival outfit, spikes fill so many different needs that they are a must in your jewellery box! For more alternative styling, try wearing the necklace under the collar instead of the usual.


What is there not to love?! This colour for transitional pieces has to be one of  my favourites. Pastels are always on the top of the Spring/Summer trend list, along side icy tones for Autumn/Winter, you cant deny that this slots perfectly into both. Bare legged for summer and woolly tights for winter it's set to be on my next delivery.


Sadly its frowned upon to go out barefooted anywhere but on the beach, but for the instances where footwear it required I have found us a little Scandinavian company who have just launched a brand new UK site -

I'm lazy, I'll admit it, I'm not a person to browse through hundreds of sites looking for a particular item when there are perfectly formed little websites like this that do the hard work for me!
Sunflower Classic Slipon - Vans - Footmaller
I love sunflowers, they're my favourite flower, so when mixed with the perfect classic van, oozing summer style how can I resist. It adds a little edge to the shirt dress for a more preppy feel, and if you fancy it, wear them with lace top socks if you really want to push the look one step further.

 Pointed Ankle Strap Heels - Buffolo - Footmaller
Everyone needs a shoe that just by slipping it on, it instantly turns your outfit into a glam evening look.
I've recently had a small love affair with patent, as it just gives everything that little extra 'summin summin' (yes I really did just write that..).
I'm not one of those girls that can teeter around in 6" heels and look like a gazelle, I'm far too clumsy,  so ankles straps are a must if I'm to survive an evening. And if you're worried about the straps cutting your legs short? It completely depends on the thickness of the strap and the positioning on the shoe, so give them a try before you dismiss them!


I hope this wishlist has helped you see just how easy it can be to create a completely different look without changing as much as you think!

This post was sponsored by Footmaller.

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