Friday 7 August 2015

Special Birthday Present

On your birthday, do you do that thing, where you open a card, read who its from, and then go back later to read the message? That's what I do.. It got me so confused this year, when I opened a card which was signed from Spanky & Jones. I had no clue who this was and it wasn't until I read the message that I understood who they were.

It was actually attached to a box which I hadn't yet opened, but the card explained that they were a little company, who take vintage plates or cups and carefully cut them into shapes, to then be turned into jewellery! They can be a shape of your choice or you can choose from the ready made delights and my sister had organised a little Westie charm for me because I blooming love them!!

You can see the original grooves and print from the plate, which makes me feel like it should be an ornament rather than a necklace as I'm scared I'm going to damage it, but it's just too pretty to sit on a shelf!

If you fancy getting a bespoke gift for someone that's a little bit different but majorly adorable then you can find them here..

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