Saturday 25 February 2017

Brightening Up My Mornings With Lumie

I have never been one for getting a good night sleep. I can nap for England whilst the sun is up but as soon as the day creeps to a close, sleep seems to fade into the distant future.

I don't understand how people can fall asleep the second their head touches the pillow, or can watch endless episodes of Gilmore Girls on Netflix until 3 in the morning, sleep like a log, then get up fresh as a daisy the next day?! Jealousy is an understatement!

I spend hours tossing and turning, failing to fall asleep and after I finally find the land of nod, it's not long again before I'm awake and starting the battle again. I wake up feeling like a 10 tonne bus has done a race circuit over me, leaving me lethargic, usually with a headache and a battle on my hands to stay semi-conscious.

I've tried lavender sprays (eww), rain forest noises, turning off my electrical items hours before bed, and everything in between to try and find that night time bliss but with no success. Until one day I stumbled across an article about a woman trying to become more of a morning person and she tried lots of things, including something I never had even thought of, a new alarm clock..

Little did I know this article was about to change everything. I started my research and scoured the internet until, at the top of my Christmas list, I put an alarm clock, unusual and revolutionary that was about to change my mornings forever.

The body clock alarm clock and the greatest invention I have ever found.

When it's dark, your body produces the hormone melatonin to put you to sleep, and when it's light, your body produces cortisol to wake you up. This marvellous little thing is both a clock and a light that at half an hour before your alarm is set to go off, it starts to glow, increasing in intensity until it's at it's brightest when your wake up time arrives. The idea is, it allows your body to produce cortisol slowly and to wake you up gently rather than pulling you into the harsh light of day like your usual siren does.

Every morning since Boxing Day, I have woken up without a headache, without feeling sick, without a ridiculous battle against my eyelids that I almost certainly always lost and my mum no longer has to come and pull me out of bed by my ankles..

I wake up, I'm cheerful, I'm well and I'm ready to go. (I even use it for the perfect lie in..)
Hand on heart, I can say this is the best electrical item I have ever bought, and my only regret is not discovering it sooner. It truly has changed my mornings for the better and I feel that I'm even sleeping better now the stress of waking up has gone.

And for an added bonus, it can even help in the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder!

Do you struggle getting up in the mornings? Have you tried a body clock?


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