Wednesday 1 March 2017

More Than Just A Boot

It's hard to explain the feelings a shoe can give you when you put them on and they complete your outfit, or even complete 'you' for that day. I slip these boots on and its as if a new energy comes over me, it could be confidence but not in its usual sense, as boots like these draw attention and that kind of attention I have never been very good at dealing with, but maybe, self assurance is a better word, in that I suddenly feel a better version of myself.

It may seem silly to some that a simple pair of boots could have this affect on the brain but as Marilyn once said - 'give the girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world', and although I'm not about to start taking over any businesses or jetting across the globe, I can see how a different mindset can be such a powerful thing.

For me and my body, the last few months have been a bumpy ride, illness and medications have taken their toll and I'm not where I want to be fitness and looks wise so I've taken to hiding in jeans and jumpers. But it feels that some pieces were just made to make you feel good in, and these boots are one of them. I bet you'll struggle to find anyone who says over the knee boots don't make their legs look taller and slimmer (hey super model pins).

As much as I love them, I feel they may have their set seasons with black being too heavy for summer, but fear not, it's just a perfect excuse to buy a new pair in a different shade..

Drop Earrings - Calvin Klein (Similar Here)
Initial Necklace - Etsy
Ribbed Polo Neck Jumper - Marks and Spencer
Red Leather Look Skirt - Urban Outfitters (Similar Here)
Over The Knee Boot Faux Suede - Public Desire

Do you have any items that make you feel empowered?


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