Wednesday 29 March 2017

Far From Perfect Outfit Post

Perfection, it's an unobtainable goal, yet it seems this is what everyone still sets their sights on. Perfection for one person can be very different than for another. Some may look for this in their work, some in their body whilst some seek to find excellence in their entire life!

I don't believe that perfection truly exists, every time you believe you're getting closer to your view of perfection, you inadvertently set the bar higher making it that bit further to reach.
I agree that perfection to a degree is good for a focus, to work towards, to push yourself that bit harder in all that you do but where do you draw the line? Where do you distinguish between unobtainable impeccability and healthy goals? Off days happen, everyone has them but when you have your sights set on perfection and you're bloated or the lighting is not quite right or you can't quite capture your best angle, you start to question yourself, your strength, your integrity.

For me, my perfection is a vision in my head, one I can never quite reach. It makes me both frustrated and sad when I can visualise something so strongly but I can never recreate it how I had hoped.
The second I put this outfit together I had visions of a bold, sassy, punchy outfit that I would hope would go down a storm.. Well I tried three times to shoot this outfit, different times of day, different hairstyles, different locations and nothing seemed to hit the vibe. I was in a form of limbo, torn between my head and my heart, some people don't post content unless they think it's faultless but this time, for me, that's not the case. This outfit represents a work in progress, work in progress towards a finishing line that I am constantly moving but I believe that as long as I am moving with it then that's okay. I still love this outfit, I still see it as the bold, sassy, punchy outfit in my head, I just haven't been able to get that 'perfect' shot and portray it the way I had hoped for but I still want it to be seen and appreciated!
If I one day manage to capture the essence that I was trying so hard to create, I'l be updating this post, just so I, and you guys can see how I'm pushing to improve, perfection or not..

Striped Shirt With Flared Sleeves - H&M
Cut Off Denim Skirt - H&M (Similar Here and Here)
Block Heeled Sandals - Clarks

What goals do you set for yourself?


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