Saturday 25 March 2017

Stepping Into Spring

If you read my last outfit post - you can find it here - then you might have seen my recent dilemma, Spring has sprung but my wardrobe was certainly not bouncing along with it. Online shopping was no longer the friend it has once been and I just wanted to hide beneath a pile of black fabric that would cover my pale skin!

I decided then, that what I needed, was to go back to how I shopped in my teenage years, out with friends, heading to town on a weekend, wages in my purse and go on a good hunt through the shops. I need to reconnect with the clothes, get an actual feel for the items, their fit, their fabric and their hang. And it blooming well worked! Little did I know the first triumph on my tours of the shops would lead me to find success in Sainsbury's.
I'm guilty as I'm sure many of us are, of over looking establishments such as supermarkets as a place for picking up my latest outfits, but there were definitely a few pieces that picked some intrigue and one top so much so that I ended up buying it..

It's light spring colours and pastel stripes is the perfect introduction for my wardrobe transition and the added bonus of also being 80% cotton means my skin can breathe, brilliant for when the temperatures finally start rising!

I might only be one spring item down so far, but finally dipping my toe into the season has definitely relight the spark in my wardrobe and has started a black detox!

Pastel Stripe Jumper - Tu at Sainsbury's
Brown Vintage Finish Belt - Asos
Blue Rip Jeans - Topshop
Ballet Pumps - H&M (similar here)

Have you found any new pieces somewhere you didn't expect?


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