Saturday 1 August 2015

Barcelona - Part Three

Finally my part three is hereee!
The weather has been battling against me recently so recreating my Barcelona wardrobe hasn't been the easiest but the clouds finally parted and the sun shone once again.

My aim for holiday was floaty pieces that let me move freely in the breeze without clinging to my body in the heat. Bohemian style tops have been everywhere this summer and this one from River Island has been my favourite since I bought it, I never used to like off the shoulder tops but something about this one won me over and I haven't looked back!

I can't deny that when I usually think of linen I imagine middle aged women wearing white trousers abroad but it just isn't the case, I've had these Asos shorts for a couple of years now and thank god they do a new version every year because they are a summer essential. The only down side of linen is that it creases really easily so I find casual outfits are best!

Continue reading for our third day in Barcelona..

Our first stop of the day was at Sagrada Familia, Guadi's cathedral that has people coming from all across the world to witness some of the most eccentric architecture there is!

Did you know, the cathedral is only half built? We had no idea until we arrived! It's not expected to be completed until 2026 so no doubt we will take another trip back to Barcelona at some point in our lifetime!

Make sure ou book your tickets for both the cathedral and towers before you get to Barcelona as otherwise the queues are enormous!

The photo above might not be the most aesthetically pleasing photograph with vendors in the foreground and cranes behind it but this is the exact view you get when you walk out of the metro station and turn around. Its size is so overwhelming, you're expecting grandeur but its enormity still shocks you!

As soon as you walk through the doors your attention is grabbed by the light, the different colours, the different sources and the different directions.
The stained glass windows are a masterpiece on their own!

As well as the main area inside the Cathedral there are also two towers that you can go up and see the phenomenal views - Nativity Facade and Passion Facade, we went up the Passion Facade and you can see some of the incredible views below..

One final shot of the Cathedral before we moved on and took a wander past some of Guadi's other buildings..

Apparently there is not a single straight line in any of his buildings!

After a stroll through the Gothic quarter admiring the buildings we found ourselves at Barcelona's very own Arc De Triomf, it might not be quite as large as the one in Paris but set at the top of the long pedestrianised street down to the park its background makes it stand out!

The park at the bottom is full of grassy areas, surrounded by a museum, a magnificent fountain, boating lake and the zoo at the far end.

After a pit stop for dins we began exploring another section of the Gothic quarter where we stumbled across Barcelona cathedral, although much smaller in scale compared to Sagrada Familia, its mighty in its own right, unfortunately it was shut by the time we got there and we didn't have another chance to peek inside before we left, but maybe on our next trip!!

As you know by now I went on this trip with my lovely boyfriend,and over dinner he said he wanted to take me to see a fountain but wanted to go once it was getting dark, I can't say I was completely convinced as I couldn't understand the fascination with a specific fountain but I couldn't have been more wrong!

I've tried uploading a video into the post but it just doesn't work so I've uploaded one of mine to YouTube for you guys to watch..

When we arrived it was moving to an orchestral Disney track but by the end of the evening it was moving along to more recent music like maroon 5!

Even with hundreds of people milling around enjoy the same view as us, it couldn't have felt more romantic and magical if we tried!

Before we got soaked..

After we got soaked.. 

If you stand too close you get covered in a super fine mist, it was definitley needed as even at  night the temperatures had barely dropped below 30 degrees!

Spin around and you get the most phenomenal views of the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (National Museum of Catalan Visual Art)..

It is definitely worth the trek up the stairs to get a view from the top! (there are escalators for those lazy gals like me..)

Been to Barcelona recently? Let me know what you visited!

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